Meghan Markle Tell-All Book Idea Shot Down HARD By Palace!

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Meghan Markle just wants to get her creative juices flowing.

But the Hollywood actress-turned-royal Duchess is finding it difficult to adapt to her new life filled with strict rules set in place by the palace. 

Rules that are apparently restricinting her from writing a book. 

Meghan Markle In Bed

A tell-all book to be exact, a book that is basically everything we have ever wanted and more, but the palace is silencing Markle's wish.

And the people's dreams. 

Radar Online recently reported that the Duchess of Sussex is feeling "oppressed by the palace" ever since they immediately shut down her idea of writing a tell-all memoir.

Meghan Markle Remembers

A source told Radar that the new mom had the idea of releasing a part lifestyle bible, part memoir to document her rise to royalty and all the struggles that come with it.

But not at all to our surprise, the palace was not fond of the idea. 

"Meghan had started keeping notes about her life, which will include a few personal details about Harry and baby Archie, but will mainly focus on her lifestyle, health, fashion and design choices," shared the insider.

Baby Sussex

"The only problem is, palace staffers -- and the Queen -- are firm in their disapproval, worrying that it will be received as a salacious tell-all."

But come on Meghan is a woman of class, and she wouldn't dare bash the family's regal history -- at least, not too bad anyway.

Some, however, believe Meghan to be a nuisance to the kingdom and think she has been rubbing the royals the wrong way ever since she married Prince Harry in May 2017.

Laughing with the Prince

Also, considering the many reports on Meghan's on-going feud with Kate Middleton, her too trendy of fashion choices, and her outrageous Hollywood diva requests, the palace is terrified her book would be a chance to expose or embarrass them.

"They're terrified she'll accidentally expose palace secrets and cause embarrassment and are demanding she knocks the project on the head," said the source.

"Meghan can't help but feel that once again, her creative talents are being stifled at every turn." 

But we're sure Meghan will find a way to win back her creative freedom.

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The palace knows Meghan isn't one to follow the rules, times are changing and the monarch is evolving, so we suggest they buckle up.

She may be a rebel, but she's a rebel with beautiful coats, dresses, and a baby, so who really cares. 

Meghan has plenty of time and many more years ahead of her as Duchess -- we are sure a tell-all book will be released one day. (fingers crossed) 

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