JWoww Basically Just Called Ronnie a Terrible Parent

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It is apparently very much on between two Jersey Shore stalwarts.

But we're pretty sure Jenni "JWoww" Farley just earned a technical knockout on the cards of anyone judging at home.

JWoww vs. ron

On Thursday night's explosive episode of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro took Farley to task for a very unusual reason.

He basically went off on his long-time co-star for NOT publicizing her ongoing divorce proceedings and general rivalry with estranged husband Roger  Mathews, alleging that Farley is a phony because she chooses to keep certain information away from the spotlight.

"She's f-cking fake as fuck," Ronnie said to Angela about Jenni during the episode, adding of JWoww:

"You're fake about your life, you're fake about everyone else's life. You're just f-cking fake."

Ronnie's point here seemed to be that he's been very -- like, VERY -- open with the world about all his ups and his extreme downs when it comes to girlfriend Jen Harley.

Jen Harley and Ron Ron

And Farley has rarely missed an opportunity to trash this relationship as dangerous and contentious and violent and unhealthy. (Because it very clearly is all of these things.)

And yet... how often has Farley talked about her split from Mathews with cameras rolling?

Almost never, Ronnie argues, making her a hypocrite.

Farley's response to this charge was to first state the timing of her divorce filing, which took place when the show was not filming -- and then to essentially accuse Ronnie of being an irresponsible father.

"This was in October when nothing was public. So no hypocrisy there sweetie," she fired back at a fan, adding:

"I chose to keep this matter private for my children. Some people like to put their sh-t out on IG and not think about how that will affect their loved ones."

jwoww vs ronnie

Oh, yes, she has gone there.

It certainly is true that Ronnie and Jen haven't merely aired their dirty laundry in public...

... they've hurled it directly into the faces of millions of social media users.

Mere weeks after their daughter was born in April 2018, Ronnie was slamming Harley as a cum dumpster and Harley was saying Ronnie was a deadbeat dad.

Since this time, the two have broken up and reconciled on numerous occasions, with various incidents of apparent assault sprinked in; such as when Harley dragged Ronnie down the street with her car and when Harley threw an ashtray at his head.

It's been an endless stream of ugliness from these two.

Not that Jenni can say she's totally innocent.

In January of this year, the reality star posted a video of her and Mathews to her website, alleging that Roger had been abusive to her on numerous occasions over the course of their three-year marriage.

In one of the videos, which was captured by a in-home surveillance camera, Mathews appears to be seen grabbing Jenni and throwing her to the ground.

"You wanna get violent?" he seemingly asked her.

Getting up, Jenni then throws something at Roger, saying: "F-ck you."

Moreover, children can be heard screaming in the background. So Farley may wanna be careful with how much she accuses someone else of ignoring  the well-being of his kids.

In the end, both of these celebrities have been through some unfortunate romantic situations, both have young ones at home and we can only hope both keep these small human beings at the forefront of their minds at all times moving forward.

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