Hayden Panettiere: Leaving Abusive Boyfriend Before It's Too Late?

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A couple of months ago, the world learned to its horror that Hayden Panettiere  had allegedly been abused by boyfriend Brian Hickerson.

Despite his arraignment and the news that she was beaten 3 times in just two days, she appears to be staying with him.

Now, her family and friends are begging her to leave him for her own safety. Will she listen?

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Hayden's family and friends "are begging her to straighten up and move ahead," People reports.

"It is totally out of control," the insider accurately characterizes the situation. "And she has to get over this guy."

"Her friends and family have been worried about her for quite a while,"the source reveals.

Consider -- they might have been seeing signs of what was really going on behind closed doors long before any of the public did.

"And," the insider acknowledges. "Things seem to have gotten worse,”

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While Brian Hickerson is facing a felony charge in connection with the domestic violence charges, for now, they're still together.

“She needs to do some soul-searching," source all but begs.

"For whatever reason," the insider  laments. "She continues this relationship."

"But," the source wisely points out: "It has done nothing but take her down lower."

The insider very accurately describes Hayden's plight: "It’s a sad situation."

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Right now she's the only one who can really help her leave, but she's still stuck in her own head.

But there may be a way to break free and find herself in the light.

"Hayden needs to surround herself with different types of people," the source strongly advises.

"And," the insider continues, she should "get a hand on both her personal and professional life.”

“It’s hard to imagine things getting any worse," the source admits, warning: "But they could."

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A second insider shares that their "heart breaks for what Hayden must be going through."

"“Hayden is a wonderful and talented girl," this source correctly praises her.

The gushing continues, noting she was someone "who was so happy with her family.”

Hayden broke up with ex-fience Wladimir Klitschko, father of her 4-year-old. This was about when she was spotted with Bran.

“I hope she can wade through whatever has gone wrong," the source expresses. "And get her life back together."

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When the court heard testimony from the officers who arrived to Hayden Panettiere's home, the judge declined to consider a lesser charge for Brian.

"I understand he has no record," the judge acknowledged. But the problem I have, counsel, is that this was not the first attack.”

“Just very recently, prior to this in Puerto Rico, something happened … and those are the marks on the victim," the judge pointed out. "This happened twice this time."

The judge was also alarmed by the attack's intensity, noting: "It wasn’t enough for him to cause her nose to bleed by hitting her with an open palm …"

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"He followed her into the bedroom and was the aggressor again," the judge described. "Causing that severe swelling and bruising on the cheek and marks on her neck."

"Give that, in my mind, the evidence has shown these are three different attacks by your client on this victim, once in Puerto Rico and twice that night," the judge ruled.

The ruling concluded: " I’m going to hold him on the felony."

We all join Hayden Panettiere's family and loved ones in hoping that she can leave this Brian Hickerson creep and never look back.

Leaving a dangerous situation can be complicated and scary. But she doesn't deserve what comes with this relationship.

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