Brandi Glanville Goes OFF on Camille Grammer: I'll Take You Down, C-nt!

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion special aired Tuesday night, and while there was a fair amount of drama on set, the real fireworks were going off on Twitter.

You see, Brandi Glanville was clearly watching the show live, and the former RHOBH cast member had a lot to say about the proceedings:

Brandi Cleavage

As you may recall, Glanville was fired from the show back in 2015, but either her ex-castmates still get under her skin, or she's angling to get her old job back, because Brandi was throwing some major shade online during Tuesday night's broadcast.

Most of her ire was directed at Camille Grammer, who argued that Brandi was the reason Lisa Vanderpump decided not to attend this year's reunion:

"She's pissed about Brandi," Camille said at one point.

"[She's pissed Brandi] showed up on the show, absolutely. She's her archenemy! She feels so betrayed."

Camille Grammer Speaks at the Season 9 Reunion

From there, Brandi turned her attention to Denise Richards and accused of her conspiring with Brandi against Lisa:

"I'm just assuming -- and I could be absolutely wrong -- but she felt throughout this season that you've had her back, Denise, but you talking to Brandi," said an outraged Camille.

"Brandi's her archenemy."

While the Glanville-Vanderpump feud is the stuff of legend, Camille is likely overstating her case, as Lisa had lots of reasons to skip the reunion.

Brandi Glanville, Big Hair

On the show, Denise argued that she and Brandi "didn't meet to talk about Vanderpump." 

And on Twitter, Brandi positively unloaded on Camille:

"I am NOT LVP's arch enemy!! That is absolute insanity. Trust and believe that is UNTRUE!!!" Glanville tweeted.

"I adore [Denise] after meeting her at a dinner party for our mutual agent! [Not to mention] 95% of our conversation was not about LVP at all!" 

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From there, Brandi revealed that she was quick to reach out when Lisa's brother died last year.

Then she continued to go off on Grammer:

"Nope [Camille] I don't buy it!" Brandi continued.

"She knows for a fact that I'm a proper f--king person and that I do the RIGHT thing when I'm suppose to. We may not be friends but I'm not LVP's #1enemy."

Brandi Glanville On Hollywood Today Live

When a fan agreed with Brandi's sentiments, Glanville replied by dismissing Camille as a "wishy-washy c-nt."

And believe it or not, the tirade didn't end there:

"Let me be clear, LVP and I have a past that we will not recover from but I refuse to let [Denise] be called out for provoking anything!" Brandi tweeted.

"I was on ONE episode of an entire season where the women had their own separate issues with her. That's f--king it."

Brandi Glanville: 2016 NBCUniversal Summer Press Day

She added:

"It's clear to me that if certain people feel that they are going down they have the need to take everyone down with them. If I had done that the ENTIRE housewives world would be 'shook.'

"I'm not that person and that's not how I'm raising my boys. Oh and half of the men in Hollywood."

Sadly, Andy Cohen has yet to respond to Brandi's tweets with a job offer.

Get on it, bro! RHOBH is gonna need all the help it can get post-Vanderpump!

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