Jill Duggar Wore Pants to Father-in-Law's Grave, Pissed Off Fundie Fans

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Counting On fans have been putting Jill Duggar through the wringer ever since the recent passing of her grandmother, Mary Duggar.

The dabate over whether she's mourning properly is a fresh challenge for Jill, as commentors typically just focus on dissecting her every wardrobe choice.

But now that Jill's worn one of her 'modern' outfits to her father-in-law's grave site, fans have the opportunity to judge her on both counts at once!

Jill Duggar at Father-in-Law Grave

We first caught a glimpse of Jill wearing an airy white blouse and olive green pants last week in her Father's Day Instagram post.

Jill and her kids accompanied her husband's family to her father-in-law's grave to pay their respects for the holiday. 

As her caption shows, the focus of the post was on togetherness, familial love, and the solemnity of the occasion.

"It was so special getting to visit my father-in-law's grave today and take new flowers," Jill wrote.

"Father's Day is hard for those who have lost theirs," she added.

Jill Duggar Father's Day Post and Fan Response

Jill concluded with the cherry blossom emoji, a symbol of the fleeting nature of life in Japanese culture -- an astute choice, if intentional.

But as the top comment demonstrates, many fans were more concerned with her fashion choices.

"Where r ur pants from?!" the commentor asks.

Whenever a celebrity makes an appearance, it's common for the outfit to overshadow the occasion. Jill Duggar is probably used to that by now.

Taking things in stride, Jill has now returned to Instagram with a new post responding to all the attention her Father's Day outfit received.

Jill Duggar in Olive Pants

In the post, Jill models the same outfit, but in a clearer photo, unobscured by shadows or family members.

"I've had several inquiries about this first outfit after I posted a pic in a recent post, so I wanted to share a bit more," Jill wrote in the caption.

Jill revealed that the olive pants, as well as a striped top from another photo came from Juniper Anne Boutique.

Elisheba Beery, a friend of Jill's sister-in-law, recently opened the store in memory of her own sister who passed away.

Jill tagged both Beery and the boutique in her caption, which also revealed that 10% of the profits go to a shelter for abused women.

Jill Duggar Modern Outfit

As usual, fans had wildly mixed responses to the ensemble and to the post itself.

"You look cute in pants," one commentor said, "And you look perfectly modest."  A modest compliment for a "modest" look?

"Glad to see you are embracing pants now," said another. "Nothing wrong with wearing pants and also you are rocking them!!"

To be clear, Jill isn't exactly new to wearing pants, but she's been appearing in them more often.

Some fans see this as indication that Jill is breaking away from the Duggar family's extremely conservative traditions. 

Jill Duggar Wears Clothes

"I wish people would hush about you girls living your own lives once you got married," wrote one supportive fan who also grew up as a preacher's kid.

"Once I was on my own, I did what I felt was right for me," the fan explained, concluding, "Now I live my life to my own convictions. Proud of you!!"

Not all fans were as suppotive of the look, with one suggesting, "Iron your pants you are modeling them for $"

Another seemed to agree, writing "Iron and sunglasses would complete the look."

Sure, an iron wouldn't have the look, but the gal's not on the runway here. Overall we think the outfit is pretty cute, and she looks happy in it. 

But some fans took issue with her apparent happiness, scandalized that Jill isn't miserable enough over her grandmother Mary's recent passing!

Mary Duggar2

"I never seen a family smile so much when a loved one has died," wrote one incensed commentor.

"All of you have posted one photo after another smiling and this is really disgraceful," the commentor added.

This isn't the first time Jill's been grilled about her conduct in the wake of Mary's passing. 

But we all grieve in our own way, and if Jill found a way to be happy during a difficult time, we should let her have that.

Notably, the origin of Jill's white blouse is still a mystery, but commentors have been asking about that as well.

Will Jill make another post letting fans know where they can score one like it? Only tiime will tell.

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