Catelynn Lowell: Feuding With Mackenzie McKee ALREADY?!

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Earlier this week, the world learned that Mackenzie McKee will be joining the cast of Teen Mom OG.

The news didn't come as a tremendous shock, as producers had reportedly been looking for a fifth cast member ever since Bristol Palin quit the show after her first and only season.

Mackenzie McKee, Baby

For years, Teen Mom 3 alum Mackenzie has been in the running for a full-time spot on the show, so it stands to reason that she was selected to serve as Palin's replacement.

But none of that serves to lessen the shock and outrage of the veteran cast members who are apparently beyond pissed off that Mackenzie has been added to the cast.

In a recent group interview, the ladies all sounded off on the possibility of welcoming a new cast member.

This was before the Mackenzie news was announced, and it was clear that all of the Moms were opposed to the idea of a newcomer.

Mackenzie McKee Workout Pic

“No, we’re good,” Amber Portwood told Us Weekly when asked about the idea of a replacement for Bristol.

“No new friends,” echoed Maci Bookout.

“No, I’m good with just four,” Catelynn Lowell added.

Like we said, the ladies are clearly looking to hang on to the amount of screen time/clout they already enjoy.

Teen Mom 5

In the days since McKee's casting was confirmed, most of the ladies have remained suspiciously silent.

But not Catelynn Lowell.

No, she promptly took to Twitter to passive-aggressively share her thoughts on the development.

"If it's not broke don't fix it!" Lowell tweeted.

Catelynn Lowell Goes Dark

Now, Cate's not exactly a fan favorite these days, so it's no surprise that her comment wasn't terribly well-received.

"Wow I thought better of you Cate. I didn’t realize you’re such a mean girl. Yikes," replied one fan.

Many users echoed that sentiment ... including Mackenzie, who commented simply, "Same."

With that, Cate went into damage control mode, claiming that her beef is not with Mackenzie, but with her evil corporate overlords:

Catelynn and Tyler with Vaeda

"It has NOTHING to do with Mackenzie at all! It’s with the ppl that don’t explain what’s happening," Lowell tweeted.

"I welcome anyone just think MTV would tell us not find out online."

There's a lot to unpack here, so we'll start with Cate's "if it's not broke" comments.

The problem with that is -- the show is broken.

Cate Lowell Photo

Teen Mom OG ratings have been in decline for years,

The producers aren't continuously tinkering with the cast composition because they're bored.

They're doing it because they don't want the increasingly-expensive series to get canceled.

As for Lowell's notion that her bosses owe her an explanation -- fans were quick to put that to rest.

Catelynn Lowell Made Up

"You're an EMPLOYEE not involved in that type of decision. What would they tell you???" tweeted one viewer.

"My jobs have told me if we were getting a new hire but they did it as a courtesy," another remarked.

"They did not HAVE to tell me let alone ask if I wanted someone! That's entitlement to expect it!

Messy situation -- but we thank Cate for the reminder that most of the Teen Moms have never held a real job.

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