Barbara Evans: Should She Replace Jenelle on Teen Mom 2?

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MTV made it official this week:

Jenelle Evans is out and Jade Cline is in.

The network confirmed the ousting of Evans several weeks ago, in the wake of her husband actually murdering his family's dog... and then it introduced Clineas Jenelle's replacement just a couple days ago.

Jenelle Evans with Barbara Evans

You can watch the video of Cline being introduced below.

However, there's a contingent of viewers out there who harbor no ill will toward Cline whatsoever -- yet who have their own idea of who should take over for Evans on this long-running reality franchise.

And that person is this:

Jenelle's own mother, Barbara!

We're not kidding here, folks.

Barbara Evans Snapshot

Barbara has been back in the news of late because she's now the primary caregiver of both Jace, Jenelle's nine-year old son, and Ensley, Jenelle's two-year old daughter.

The latter was placed in Barbara's home after authorities removed her from Jenelle and David's Eason home, which they determined to be a dangerous environment.

While Jenelle continues to fight for custody of her kids, Barbara has been sharing photos of Jace and Ensley out and about, enjoying the sunshine and looking very happy for a change.

The grandmother has been receiving her fair share of praise for taking these loved ones into her home, too.

Now, though, a fair share of fans out there don't want to just say nice things about Barbara... they went to see her on their television set each week!

“Loving all the update pictures Barb! You will be sorely missed on Teen Mom 2!” one social media user wrote this week, while another jumped in and wondered whether we could maybe NOT miss her on Teen Mom 2.

“I wish you could stay and replace Janelle," this second person wrote, adding:

"You are a hell of a good Grandma and your grandkids adore you. I am so happy Ensley is finally safe and you should fight hard to keep her because David will surely hurt her somewhere down the road.

"I hope Janelle finally sees the light and leaves him before it’s too late."

While MTV hasn't said anything about Barb's future, it certainly seems safe to assume that she won't appear on Teen Mom 2 again, not with Jenelle out of the picture.

But should she? Vote below and let us know:

Should Barbara Evans remain a part of Teen Mom 2?

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We know how Jenelle will vote in this poll, of course.

Mother and daughter engaged in a heated exchange after a court hearing this week.

According to onlookers, Barbara accused her child of only hugging Ensley outside the building because cameras were around -- while Jenelle accused Barbara of endangering her kids while they were under her roof.

“I do feel like my relationship with my mom is destroyed at this point,” Jenelle told Us Weekly after her Tuesday's hearing.

She added:

“This isn’t a way a mother should be treating her daughter. She fights so hard for my sister and my brother when they are the ones with major issues, not me."

Crazy, unhealthy stuff as usual from these two.

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