Amanda Bynes SUED by Mental Health Facility!

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Earlier this year, the world learned that Amanda Bynes was back in rehab. It was her very brave choice after suffering a relapse.

After the extreme drug use of her past, she's taking all of the necessary steps to maintain her health.

Unfortunately, she is now being sued ... by one of the mental health facilities at which she stayed. Why?!

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Us Weekly reports that Creative Care Treatment Center is suing Amanda Bynes.

"Our monthly residential treatment rate is $37,000," CCTC claims in court documents obtained by the tabloid.

"divided by 30 days is $1,233.33 per day."

'Daily rate times 2 and rounded up is $2,467."

The documents explain that Amanda "was a client" at their "dual diagnosis residential treatment center."

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Amanda's brief stint at Creative Care Treatment Center came early this year.

This was before reports came out that she had checked herself into a rehab facility.

The decision, reached in January, was not reached lightly.

Instead, the former The Amanda Show star checked herself into rehab because of mounting pressure.

Her return to public consciousness and conversation had been just a little too much.

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Amanda needed rehab after "a setback which was the result of feeling pressure of being back in the spotlight."

She returned to fame took place "after her [November 2018] Paper magazine cover."

Amanda had spoken courageously about her battle with mental illness.

Fans were overjoyed to see how well she was doing.

Even so, she needed rehabilitation "with the assistance of mental health counselors and addiction specialists."

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Months later, her attorney, Tamar Arminak, explained to Access what had gone down.

"This time around she realized herself after the recent Paper magazine interview and spread that she really wasn’t feeling like herself," Arminak explained.

Apparently this happened "all of [the] sudden and that she wanted to address that."

“She wanted to address it right away," Arminak revealed. "Before going back into show business and exploring show business again."

"It was her decision and her choice to address the situation, seek treatment," he emphasized.

This was a decision "which I think is an incredibly mature way of handling this type of thing."

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"Right now, her day-to-day is really just focusing on her well-being," Arminak shared.

"She’s exercising, [doing] yoga," he revealed. "She’s really focusing in on herself, which is very, very important."

"I know that she will be sure this time around to focus on herself and get better before she leaves the treatment center," Arminak predicted.

He added: "Or wherever she’s seeking help currently."

That is very comforting to hear.

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Fortunately, we do not expect that this lawsuit will send her spiraling.

Unlike show business, it is probably not a huge trigger for her addiction issues.

And while Amanda has been out of the limelight for years, she still has an estimated net worth of several million dollars.

No one likes being slammed by a bill for over $2,000, especially in such a public way.

But hopefully she can easily afford it and put it behind her.

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