Pauly D: The Situation Is Getting MAD Special Treatment in Prison, Yo!

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It's been over four months since Mike Sorrentino turned over himself over to authorities and began serving an 8-month sentence on tax fraud charges.

During that time, Mike has been hitting the gym and doing his laundry (probably not a whole lot of tanning going on) within the confines of the Otisville Correctional Facility in Upstate New York.

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino Picture

We imagine going from The Situation to inmate #15763920 is not an easy transition, but it seems Mike's been making the best of a bad ... um, set of circumstances.

Last week, Mike received a visit from some of his Jersey Shore castmates, and they offered some encouraging updates.

It seems Sorrentino is loving life behind bars, which really isn't all that surprising given his perpetually sunny disposition on recent seasons of Shore.

Mike and Ronnie

We're sure it's not easy for Mike to be separated from his new wife, Lauren Pesce, but prison also offers Mike something that's proven to be essential to his quality of life.

We're talking, of course, about limitless supplies of junk food.

“They like him and he gets his pick of all the food and stuff like that,” Pauly D recently told Us Weekly.

“They really like him in there so I’m happy about that so that’s a plus.”

Jersey Shore Meets Prison

Pauly says visiting a friend in the clink was a new experience for him, but his concerns were quickly allayed by The Situation's high spirits.

“I have never had to do that before, visit somebody in prison," he told the tabloid.

"But it wasn’t too bad considering, I mean, he’s doing great.

"He’s in great spirits, he’s just happy to put this past him and he’s almost out of there. It went by so quick. He’s doing great and I’m looking forward to partying with him when he gets out.”

Mike Sorrentino and Wife

Pauly noted that all things considered, Mike's daily routine really hasn't changed all that much:

“He is definitely in the gym in there and is eating well, working out like twice a day, making some friends in there, said he is doing a lot of reading, I think he’s doing the classes too, the rehab classes in there,” he told Us.

He noted that Sorrentino’s wife, Lauren, “gets to visit often,” and that the pair are looking “forward to starting a family when he gets out.”

Sadly, Mike is not permitted conjugal visits during his time behind bars, but he may be headed for a halfway house as early as this summer.

And you can bet Big Daddy Sitch will be eagerly making up for lost time.

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