Matt Baier Fathers ANOTHER Child with New Wife, Already Owes Child Support!

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Remember Matt Baier?

If you do, well ... sorry about that.

Baier Necessities

If you don't, then please allow us to delve into the far reaches of your brain and pull out these memories that you've worked so hard to repress.

Matt Baier is a professional creep who creeped his way into Amber Portwood's life soon after she was released from prison a few years ago.

Before her, he tried to reach out to both Farrah Abraham and Jenelle Evans on Twitter, so it's clear that he had some sort of Teen Mom obsession.

But when he hollered at Amber on Twitter, she took the bait, and he was in.

Amber Portwood, Matt Baier Selfie

He moved into her home in Indiana pretty quick, and before too long, he and Amber were gushing about how much they loved each other and how right things were.

That didn't last long.

She knew that Matt was a father, but she thought he just had two kids -- in a memorable Teen Mom OG scene, her ex, Gary Shirley, presented her with proof that he actually had seven kids.

And not only that, but he hadn't been paying child support for the minor children.

Matt Baier On Set

It was this whole big thing, but Amber stayed with him, for a couple more years, even.

They eventually split in 2017 when he failed a lie detector test -- he'd apparently been talking to other women, and Amber wasn't having it.

After that, they both moved on pretty quickly.

Amber was pregnant with her new boyfriend's child just a few months later, and Matt was married in Las Vegas a few months after that.

Matt Baier and Jennifer Conlon

Since then, we haven't really heard all that much from Matt, which was odd, since he always did seem to love the spotlight being a Teen Mom villain gave him.

So what has he been doing all this time?

Why, fathering another child and abandoning it, of course!

Starcasm reports that Matt welcomed yet another child with his wife, Jennifer, on New Year's Day of this year -- a son they named Christian.

Matt Baier in a Hotel Lobby

And then on February 23rd, Jennifer filed for child support.

According to the filing, Matt's first payment is for the month of February, and he owes either 18% of his monthly income or 18% of what the average person makes in his state.

He was given these papers in March, and there's a hearing scheduled for July.

Man, who could have seen this coming, huh?

Matt Baier Is An Odd Duck

Well, every single person who watched Matt on Teen Mom OG for starters.

Like, Matt has at least seven kids -- well, eight now.

We only have that number because he acknowledged two kids and then Gary found court documents pertaining to five others.

Some people close to him have claimed that he has more kids, but the mothers just haven't bothered going after him for child support.

Matt Baier Reacts

There's really no way of knowing how many people out there have Matt's gross genes, and how scary is that?

Still though, it is kind of surprising that the kid was born in January and then the next month, the mother has to request child support.

There's no word in Starcasm's report about a divorce, so we assume Jennifer is in the process of filing for that, too.

Unfortunately for her, there are quite a few kids he's already not providing for, so it seems unlikely that she'll be successful in getting any of the money he makes for whatever it is he does now.

So can woman officially stop allowing Matt Baier's semen anywhere near them?

Can that be a thing that happens now?

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