Lamar Odom Confesses: I Once Threatened to Kill Khloe Kardashian

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We're just days away from the publication of Lamar Odom's tell-all memoir, From Darkness to Light.

And that's a very good thing, because we're not sure how many more bombshell preview excerpts we can stand!

Lamar Odom Book

Usually, memoirs from troubled celebs amount to thinly-veiled attempts at rehabilitating their public image.

In Lamar's case, however, his book is leaving us with considerably less respect for the former NBA star (though he deserves to be commended for being so candid about his struggles) and much, much more respect for his long-suffering ex-wife, Khloe Kardashian.

In previous excerpts, Odom revealed that he's slept with over 2,000 women, and many of those conquests took place during his marriage.

Despite that fact -- and his many, many other transgressions -- Odom blames Kris Jenner for ruining his marriage.

Lamar with Khloe

While there are times when it seems he's performing Matrix-like feats of agility in order to dodge blame for his divorce, there are other times when Odom is painfully honest, such as when he reveals that he wishes he'd been less of a horny cokehead during his relationship with Khloe.

And just when we thought he couldn't shock us any further, Odom went ahead and published his most appalling excerpt to date:

In a passage reprinted today by Radar Online, Odom recounts an incident in which he got all geeked-up on cocaine and ecstasy in his "man cave" while Khloe was asleep in the next room.

Khloe and Lamar: 19th Annual Race to Erase MS

Some sort of unspecified bug-out caught Khloe's attention, and she became concerned when Lamar admitted he was hallucinating.

Khloe responded by contacting some of Lamar's friends to ask for help -- and which time, he flew into a terrifying rage and threatened to kill her.

“What the f--k are you doing?” Lamar recalls screaming at Khloe.

“You trying to embarrass me in front of my friends? I’ll f**king kill you! You don’t know what I’m capable of!”

Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashiand Lamar Odom Launch Kardashian Kollection Handbags

Odom adds that he became gripped by an intense paranoia during this particular bender.

At one point, he believed he was being stalked by mind-reading spies:

“They could read my thoughts. They were in my phone,” Lamar wrote.

“They were in my head. They were in the walls.”

As if that situation weren't terrifying enough, Lamar then began destroying he and Khloe's home with a golf club:

Khlomar, Revisted

“I just kept swinging and ripping out the drywall,” he wrote.

“Before I was done there were dozens of gaping holes in the walls. The golf club was bent in half.”

Yeesh. And we thought Tristan Thompson was a jerk for repeatedly cheating on Khloe.

(He still is, of course, but he's not nearly as bad as Lamar.)

Like we said, nothing but respect for Khaleesi Koko for surviving all these awful dudes.

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