Khloe Kardashian Positively Destroys Fan Who Accuses Her of "Shagging" Scott Disick

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Khloe Kardashian is sick, tired and simply not going to take it anymore.

For some reason, over the past several days, chatter has intensified over the reality star's relationship with Scott Disick.

The two have always been pretty close friends, but now folks are wondering: Could they be something more?

Khloe Kardashian with SD

On at least one occasion, might Khloe have slept with Disick?

Talk of this possibility has grown strong once again after Kardashian posed with Scott at his birthday party last week and... well, that's about it.

That's the only reason anyone seems to think Disick and Kardashian have actually hooked up.

"Refuse to believe they've never shagged," one social media user remarked upon seeing a photo of this pair together.

And while Khloe initially responded to this statement with a sense of calm ("Just because two people are close don’t mean they have shagged before..."), she eventually couldn't take it anymore.

Scott With Khloe

"The comment you made makes me feel sad for you. I feel sad for you because apparently you don't have relationships in your life that can be completely platonic," she eventually told this person, adding:

"You don't have relationships where someone genuinely loves and cares about you without wanting anything else besides a friendship."

Pretty well said, right?

It does say something about someone if she thinks a guy would only be close to a gal because he either wanted to sleep with her or already had slept with her.

khloe scott

Khloe continued in her takedown of this individual as follows:

"Scott and I are family. Our family (Scott included) have experienced a ton together and we love each other fiercely because of it all.

"I really pray that you have healthy loving relationships in your life. Where it's an equal give-and-take relationship.

"I hope you have some relationships in your life where 'shagging' is NOT involved."

We don't think Khloe was holding a microphone when she wrote this -- but she could easily have dropped one and walked away if so.

Very Angry Khloe

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star recently gushed over The Lord in honor of his 36th birthday.

This is what she wrote:

I am so thankful to have such an incredible addition such as you to our family! We have come such a long way, you and I! I am so thankful for the person that you have grown into.

I am thankful for every highs and lows because we have been through it all and we are closer than ever.

I am proud to say that you are my brother and also one of my best friends! Have the best birthday Lord!! FOREVER the Lord and the Lady.

Between this and ALL the crap Lamar Odom has been saying of late, it's been a tough week for Khloe.

We hope she hangs in there.

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