Corey Gamble: Finally Exposed on Keeping Up with the Kardashians?!?

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On this week's holiday weekend episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, various key family members took a close look at Kris Jenner's long-time boyfriend and asked a very simple question.

But also a very important one.

And it went something like this...

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The Corey-themed drama kicked off on Sunday evening when Kanye West  woke the 38-year-old with a series of texts at 6 in the morning, alleging Gamble of being withholding.

Of being purposely mysterious, basically

The rapper wasn't actually present for filming, but Kim Kardashian filled the audience in on what was going on.

“Kanye texts Corey something along the lines of, ‘Look, we don’t know you. We’ve never met any of your family members,'" she said on air.

Did she agree with her husband?


Perhaps not with the delivery, but, yes, Kim was on board with Kanye's overall sentiment.

"I mean, of course we've all felt that way and thought that," Kim told the camera about the man who's been dating her mother for years now.

And Khloe concurred.

"I agree with that statement from Kanye. We don't know anything about Corey like that," said Khloe, noting later that her Gamble "does tend to be pretty secretive," despite past attempts to get to know him better, explaining:

"He has not been receptive in this whole thing. So, me and all of the kids, we just…we've been more on guard with Corey."

As you might expect, meanwhile, Kris wasn't happy with all these questions and accusations floating around about her lover.


The matriarch and manager thought the text ambush (and discussion that motivated it) was "rude" and asked her family not to "talk sh-t to Kanye" about her partner anymore. 

From there, the installment proceeded to take a turn for the extra awkward when Khloe and BFF Malika Haqq arrived for a girls’ weekend at Jenner's Palm Springs compound...

... only to discover that Corey was unexpectedly joining them. They weren't psyched about this.

Khloe appeared frustrated in a testimonial saying:

“Coming off of the talk about Kanye and Corey, I can’t believe my mom never gave me a heads up that Corey’s here.”

Very Angry Khloe

But Gamble did his best to calm tensions down, telling Khloe over dinner:

"I know a person like me gets criticized for not talking about other peoples' business. Or people will call you mysterious if you don't talk a lot.

"I've been so sacred in a lot of significant peoples' lives and I don't talk about it, but it's not my place to talk about it."

Khloe didn't respond in a positive manner, however, prompting Kris to pay Khloe a visit at her home a couple days later.

Kris Jenner Knows All

"I want you to recognize that when you do question my relationship with Corey, this isn't OK and it hurts feelings," she said, adding in a confessional that Khloe needs to "get on [her] bandwagon" because Corey isn't going anywhere.

"I think that sometimes what you guys don't realize is that Corey is really taking care of me. Like no one ever has in my entire life."

This message finally resonated with Khloe, who made nice toward the end of the episode with Gamble.

"We just want to say we're sorry if we've ever been distant," Khloe told him. "We're happy you make our mom happy and we just want to move forward in a good place."

And that was all it took!

Minutes later, the sisters were organizing Corey's walk-in closet and love and respect was very much in the air again.

Keeping Up With the Kardashians airs on E! Sundays at 9/8c.

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