Christy Gibel: Little Women LA Star Receives Restraining Order Against Abusive Husband!

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Things are getting pretty tense on the Lifetime show Little Women: LA

After Christy's step back from her fellow castmates to focus on her health -- including a new surgical option to fix her spine -- major complications began arising physically for the 51-year-old. 

And now, it seems her marriage has also taken a major tumble. 

Little Women of LA: Christy Gibel

Gibel has recently accused her husband Todd of domestic abuse, pill popping and more repulsive behaviors in a bombshell restraining order

Radar Online has revealed exclusive details on the Little Women: LA star's fight to protect her family. 

In court papers obtained from Los Angeles Superior Court, Christy filed for a Domestic Violence Prevention Order on May 8, 2019. 

Christy Gibel Cruises with Autumn

She asked that her daughter from a previous relationship, Autumn, 19, also be protected in the new order. 

Christy's declaration claimed that Todd "has always had a volatile temper throughout the marriage."

She explained that it came to an "all-time high" when she mentioned wanting a divorce. 

Autumn Gibel

"On April 18, I told respondent that our marriage was not working, and we should figure out our next steps," Christy explained in court. 

"I mentioned that I was concerned for his wellbeing and asked him repeatedly to seek help -- this was a common occurrence during our marriage." 

She then explained that the "respondent began to yell and threaten" her and went as far "as to throw/break household items." 

Christy McGinity Gibel with daughter

With Autumn present at the time of all the chaos, the two fled the home and visited Christy's parents. 

After returning home several days later, Christy said she saw "Todd opening all the mail addressed to me and the mail addressed to Autumn."

From there on out, he showed pure anger -- ripping up all of the mail. 

Little Women: LA Christy Gets Restraining Order

Gibel claimed that the mail included medical bills and important tax information. 

"He has made derogatory remarks every day about me, my makeup, cooking, weight, and dyslexia," she alleged. 

"He has blackmailed me on numerous occasions to manipulate me into staying with him..."

"He beats on my bedroom door late at night while I am sleeping, he has tried to barricade me out of our home several times." 

Christy Gibel Crying

As for her daughter, Todd has allegedly scared her by saying he is going to "put [Christy] in jail."

"He has harassed Autumn to the point where she has had multiple panic attacks a day," she wrote. 

The Lifetime star also accused him of stealing her medical prescriptions on numerous occasions.

Christy Gibel with daughter Autumn

She then opened up about an incident that took place Fourth of July weekend back in 2015 while the family was in San Diego. 

"Respondent took medication that was prescribed for me for pain in my neck," she said. 

"He then became violent. He started slapping me and holding me down, so I could not move."

Autumn luckily was able to call security who handled the situation. 

Christy Gibel poses with daughter

"I am fearful of respondent and afraid of what he will do if I am not granted protection," she wrote. 

"Respondent has mentioned that he is depressed and working with a therapist."

But Christy is understandably worried as "his mental state makes him unpredictable."

She also claims that he hacked into her computer, writing private messages on his Instagram account. 

Christy Gibel with husband Todd

Christy provided screenshots that showed Todd posting messages between her and another man. 

In the caption, he accused her of Facebook messaging his ex-wife, saying she was going to send her his daughter's ashes so they could "film a special."

"Who does that?? That's f--king sick," he wrote. 

He also accused her of starting an online affair with another little person from New York. 

Luckily, for Christy and her daughter the request has been temporarily granted with an upcoming court hearing scheduled for May 29. 

Christy Gibel goes to beach with Autumn

Todd is currently ordered to stay at least 100 yards away from Christy and Autumn and has been forced to move out of their Santa Clarita home. 

He has also been ordered to refrain from making any social media post directly or indirectly referencing Christy. 

The couple married back in 2014. 

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