Briana Renee Accuses Ex of Pedophilia, Bestiality, and Incest Fantasies

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Little Women: LA alum Briana Renee has been living in fear of her ex for too long.

Now, she is courageously facing off with Matt Grundhoffer in court. He is accused of sexually abusing a minor in his care.

But Briana's testimony reveals that her ex-husband's twisted fantasies included more: pedophilia, bestiality, and incest.

Briana Renee, Husband

In 2009, Matt Grundhoffer was working as a counselor.

He is accused of having abused a minor in his care at that time.

That (former) minor has taken him to court, and Briana is helping.

Briana has accused Matt of verbal and physical abuse during their marriage.

Her fears of violence escalated when he armed himself.

Briana Renee on Christmas

Last July, Briana filed a deposition in court expressing alarm that Matt was carrying a gun.

She said that he had, on more than one occassion, used it to mime killing himself -- a clear suicide threat.

Once upon a time, their split and divorce had been described as "amicable."

That quickly changed, and the gun was just a small part of it.

After they had separated, Briana discovered the sort of person Matt really was.

Briana Renee and Matt Grundhoffer

RadarOnline got a look at -- but tastefully chose to not release -- Facebook messages that Briana had provided to the court.

She says that after he had left her home, he tried to get her to "trust him," so he handed over his Facebook password.

That is shocking, because Briana uncovered Facebook messages that he had sent out.

He had messaged both men and women, sending flirtatious texts as well as more explicit sexts.

As we already knew, some of those he targeted were trans women, whom he insultingly fetishized.

Briana Renee Photo

We may not have the entire transcript from court, but we do know some of what was said about Matt.

"Saying he’s a sexual deviant, he’s got an addiction, he can’t help himself," Briana said of her ex.

"You know and then this stuff… including bestiality and children,” Briana added.

“I only saw or knew anything that disturbing once he had been out of my house," she explained. "It was a few days later that I saw this on Facebook."

She reports that he sent messages expressing a lust for incest, bestiality, and pedophilia.

Briana Renee

The scariest part was the incest, because she's not talking about fanfiction or Game of Thrones or whatever.

Briana says that, in those explicit fantasies, he mentioned his own 12-year-old child from a previous relationship.

"Then, he was out of my home,” Briana asserted in court. “I immediately sent it to my lawyers. It’s your own son!"

"There were about 30" messages in total, Briana revealed.

Those of a "concerning nature were the children and bestiality."

Briana Renee and Kids

"I didn’t even wanna read the rest," Briana admitted to the court.

"There [were] just so many," she explained. "I was just, like, done. I put it in my lawyer’s hands."

Some might have deleted the messages in horror.

Handing them off to her attorney allowed her to use the messages to secure a protective order for Matt's 12-year-old.

It also allowed her to use them in her own divorce and in this court case, providing testimony on her ex.

We don't normally want to police anybody's private thoughts, but messages are a little more than that. And this stuff is both gross and scary.

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