Ben Affleck: Jennifer Garner Taught Me What Love Is!

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Usually, new news about a Hollywood divorce means that one partner has decided to financially destroy the other.

But it appears that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner have chosen to take a page from Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin's playbook.

Ben and Jen

After more than a decade together, Affleck and Garner finalized their divorce last year.

It was a sad development, particularly since the actors have three children together.

But as they say, no good marriage ever ended in divorce, and Ben and Jen appear to be getting along better than ever these days.

Did Ben bang the nanny? Did Jen fear he was creating an unhealthy environment for their children with his drinking and gambling?

Affleck and Garner

We may never know exactly how it all shook it out, but we do know that Jen still holds a special place in Ben's heart.

On Mother's Day, Ben posted the above photo of his mom and his ex-wife along with the following heartfelt caption:

"Happy Mother’s Day to the two incredible mothers who have shown me the meaning of love.

"Today I am making donations to two organizations in their honor:

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck's Mom

"@cut50’s #DignityForIncarceratedWomen campaign, a national initiative to help reduce the prison population while making our communities safer, and @NationalBailout, an incredible organization that works with groups all over the country on Mother’s Day to bail out black moms and caregivers, provide supportive services and fellowship opportunities to help end money bail and pretrial detention."

Yes, not only is Ben giving an unexpected shout-out to the mother of his children, he's also joining Kim Kardashian's efforts at prison reform.

(We know other celebs have campaigned for pardoning non-violent offenders, but Kim has become the face of the movement in recent months.)

Ben Affleck and a Fan

No nation on the planet locks up a larger percentage of its civilian population than the US, and it's nice to see public figures calling attention to this human rights crisis.

And on a much smaller scale, it's nice to see Ben getting along so well with the mother of his children.

We're sure his latest post will prompt yet another round of rumors that Ben and Jen are getting back together, but that's almost certainly not the case.

Sometimes, we just need a little distance from the people in our lives in order to realize how much they mean to us.

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