Artie Lange Appears Badly Disfigured In Latest Mugshot

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On Monday, we reported on the sad news that troubled comedian Artie Lange was set to be arrested again after violating his probation.

The former Howard Stern co-host has struggled with substance abuse for decades and had accumulated more than 100 days of sobriety prior to his latest brush with the law.

Artie Lange at Work

A warrant was issued for Lange's arrest in Essex County, New Jersey over the weekend, and he was taken into custody this morning.

The exact nature of Lange's infraction remains unknown, but a source tells Fox News that Lange was pulled over near his home earlier this month, at which time, police found “a clear plastic bag with heroin on his lap in his Range Rover.”

“We received an arrest warrant from drug court for Artie Lange. We executed that arrest warrant without incident at 07:42 hours today,” police spokesperson Kevin Lynch said in a statement issued Tuesday afternoon.

Friends and fans of Lange's are shocked and concerned -- and the comic's latest mugshot isn't helping to assuage their fears:

Artie Lange Mugshot 2019

As you can see from his profile, Lange's nose appears to be almost completely flattened.

The disfigurement has been present in one form or another for several years, but it appears to have gotten worse in the months since Lange's last arrest and mugshot.

Lange has offered conflicting explanations for what appears to be worsening tissue damage, at times attributing it to wear and tear from years of snorting drugs, and at other times claiming it's the result of being pummeled by an irate bookie.

Artie Lange 2019 Mug Shot

Whatever the case, those who have been rooting for Lange are finding themselves badly discouraged this week, as the 51-year-old appears to be caught in a dangerous downward spiral following several months of progress.

Prior to his latest arrest, those closest to Lange reported that he appeared to be happy, as healthy as could be expected, and fully committed to the hard work of recovery.

While the news of his relapse comes as a shock, fans have been flooding Lange's social media accounts with words of support and encouragement.

Our thoughts go out to Artie and his loved ones during this difficult time.

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