Anna Duggar is Trying to Profit From Parenthood, Because She Has Nothing Else Left

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Anna Duggar has enough children to field a full starting basketball team.

And the figurative sixth man or woman is about to be born, as Anna and husband Josh recently announced another kid is on the way.

Anna Duggar and a Child

Despite this experience as a mother, however, the controversial figure admitted to Instagram followers today that she doesn't always know what she's doing...

... and yet that's part of the fun at times.

"When my first child was born, I guess I had lots of expectations for how things would be," Duggar says at the outset of a lengthy caption to the photo above, continuing as follows:

"Once she arrived, I quickly realized that babies don’t always play by the ‘rules’ and that unpredictability is what makes parenting such a unique responsibility.

"When you think you have just got it figured out, things change."

Josh, Anna, Kids

Well, yeah. This doesn't sound like especially revolutionary thinking here.

But maybe Anna's perspective will help other struggling mothers realize they aren't alone.

"When Mason our youngest arrived, he was diagnosed with a dairy allergy. After talking with the pediatrician, I began searching online and trying to find answers," Anna wrote, finally getting to the real reason why she has opened up about motherhood like never before:


Josh Kisses Anna

"Then I came across @peanut, the social networking app for mothers," Anna says, explaining:

"The app introduces you to women in your neighborhood based on the things you have in common—interests, mutual friends, age/gender of your children, and so much more!

"You can meet, chat, join groups and ask questions to a community of like-minded women."

Anna has clearly been paid here to shill for this app.

Which is totally and completely fine.

Anna Duggar Weight Loss Photo

We've felt awful for this poor woman ever since it was revealed that her husband molested his own sisters.

And then it was also revealed that her husband had cheated on her a lot via the website Ashley Madison.

Anna is basically stuck in this cult and forced to pump out children at a record rate.

The money she's earning from this Peanut ad is probably going into Josh's pocket, sadly.

Concludes Duggar in this post:

Connecting with like-minded moms who are walking through the same thing as me has helped me find answers, solutions and support. If you’re like me, you probably find yourself looking for mommy answers on a regular basis.

@peanut helps you build your community to connect, grow and learn together.

No matter what stage of parenting you’re in right now, I recommend you download the app! It's a must-have for all mamas! #peanutapp

Anna and Josh got married in 2008 and welcomed daughter Mackynzie, 9, in 2009.

Josh and Anna Duggar on Their Wedding Day

She became a big sister when Michael, arrived two years later... followed by Marcus, 5, Meredith, 3, and Mason, 20 months.

Earlier this month, they couple announced that yet another child was on the way.

"We couldn’t be happier to share with the world that our family is growing by one this Fall,” the couple told Us Weekly in an April statement.

“We continually stand amazed by God’s love, redemption, grace and blessings in our lives. Our entire little family is ecstatic!"

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar also congratulated the pair, writing back then:

We are so happy for Josh & Anna, expecting their 6th child and our 16th grandchild!  Each child is a blessing from God! Anna is one of the most amazing women in the world, she is a Proverbs 31 woman!

Anna & Josh are good parents and it is going to be neat to see what God does with each one of their children’s lives.

Mackynzie, Michael, Marcus, Meredith and Mason are so excited to have a little sibling on the way!

God is at work in their sweet little family! He has blessed them with another child! What a gift! The best days for their family are still ahead!

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