The Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: NeNe Leakes Says She's Considering Divorcing Gregg Leakes!

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Did you think last week's episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta had a lot of drama?

Well, Sunday's second part of the reunion was bursting at the seams with twists and turns.

NeNe Leakes was first on to the hot seat, and she was joined by her husband, Gregg Leakes.

Nene Leakes and Gregg Leakes Attend Reunion

NeNe was caring for her husband full-time, ever since it was revealed that he had Stage III colon cancer. 

The stress took a toll on the relationship, and the pair fielded a lot of questions about their marriage. 

Neither ruled out divorce, and Andy wanted to know whether Gregg's infidelity in the past should have been on the show. 

"That was so long ago, that it really just didn't have any weight," Gregg replied. "The hurt from that got removed from me a long time ago,"

Nene Leakes at a Gala

"Maybe it didn't get removed from you?" Andy asked a bewildered Nene.

"Maybe," was the response from Nene who seemed like she wanted to be well away from the action. 

Gregg even wondered whether Nene resented him for refusing to get a colonoscopy for years. Yes, they really are in a horrible state. 

Elsewhere, Shamari was put on the spot for getting so drunk that she puked all over Eva's shoe. 

"I was gonna get it cleaned, but it would've cost more money to get the shoe cleaned than the value of the shoe."

Eva Marcille Blasts Claims That She's Broke

"Because I bought it in Morocco," Eva fired back, clearly annoyed.

"Ohhh, but it's a Zara shoe," Shamari said, "so I got you a gift card to Zara." Shamari followed that up by reaching under a couch cushion and handing Eva a $70 Zara gift card. 

It was probably the wildest moment of the entire season, but at least Shamari wanted to make up for it and throw some shade in the process. 

That's the way of The Real Housewives. 

The conversation turned to Shamari's supposed drinking problem, and how Marlo thought  something was going on. 

Shamari was not ready to listen, however.

Shamari DeVoe

"Tell me something about shopping or gold digging, then I'll listen!" she shouted.  

"I know she'd better be at Betty Ford," Marlo claimed, adding that the "streets talk."

"What about what the streets say about you?" Shamari hurled back. "You've been on this damn show for six seasons, and I can't tell you what the hell you do."

"Girl, you and your Claire's outfit -- and Claire's don't even sell clothes!" Marlo fired back.

"This is Haus of Falenci'ago. Google that!" Shamari said.

"I'm not gonna argue with an alcoholic. I'll pray for you," Marlo replied.

Shamari DeVoe Picture

Andy wondered what was so different about the two ladies when they were drunk, and Marlo said she wasn't "vomiting or hitting anyone's poom-poom."

"I'm sure if I gave you some Gucci, you'd let me hit you on your poom-poom," Shamari shot back. "I don't trust a convict with a lisp!"

"Marlo drinks as much as I do, but she's a lot bigger than I am, so the fat deposits can hold it a lot better," she added.

Yikes, right?

In the end, it all came back to NeNe, and she was mad. Andy decided to quiz her about the closet. 

"I wanna talk about the closet," Andy said, looking at Porsha. "Did something happen with your belt?"

Andy Cohen is Happy

"I'm not gonna beat this thing, okay? It was a breakdown, okay?" she said.

"And I don't feel like I need to sit up here and be like, 'I had a breakdown! I had a breakdown!' You saw me have a breakdown," she added. 

"I don't have to be sorry for having a breakdown. I am human. I had a natural breakdown, okay?"

Andy tried to butt in, but Nene was not allowing him to speak. 

"Don't keep bantering back and forth with me about it, okay? Do not keep pushing me over it, okay? Don't."

That was... dramatic!

What did you think of it?

Hit the comments below. 

RHOA continues Sundays on Bravo. 

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