Stephen Baldwin: Alyssa Milano and Alec Baldwin Are Going to HELL!!

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Being the worst of the Baldwin brothers is no easy feat, but Stephen Baldwin manages it day in and day out.

Stephen hates seeing his big brother dunk on Donald Trump, but that's not what launched him into an unintelligible rant.

He appears to be raving that actors like Alyssa Milano and his own brother Alec are "going to hell" for their political activism.

Stephen Baldwin at Home

Former Celebrity Big Brother UK star Stephen Baldwin took to Twitter to take aim at celebrities, including his own brother.

Stephen begins his message by saying that he "avoided tweets like this long as I could."

"Now," he continues, it is "[too] overwhelming."

"Love will ultimately wins [sic]," Stephen writes, adding "Jesus."

He then includes a red heart emoji.

Stephen Baldwin tweets against Alec, Alyssa Milano

"But for so long I’ve sat back & trusted God," Stephen laments.

He writes that he has done so "as my own family members have perpetrated the spirit of hate."

The what now?

Stephen explains that they have done so "through abortion, mockery, and blindness."

He concludes with the hashtags: "#sad #Alec #hates #pray."

Stephen Baldwin and a Flag

He added another tweet of four hashtags.

That tweet reads: "#hollywood #sad #goingtohell #pray."

The structure of his tweets is odd, somewhere between poetry and word salad.

But it's the content that's really raising some eyebrows.

He's not quite subtweeting anyone -- because one of those hashtags mentions is more famous older brother by name.

And it's clear that he's also taking aim at Alyssa Milano.

Alyssa Milano, 49 others threaten Georgia boycott (tweet)

This tweet right here is what all of the "fuss" is about.

Alyssa Milano shared a simple message signed by her and 49 other actors.

Among the names are: Colin Hanks, Debra Messing, Patton Oswalt, Rosie O’Donnell, Amy Schumer, Michael Sheen, Sarah Silverman, Ben Stiller, Amber Tamblyn, and Wil Wheaton.

The message in question is a threat to stop filming in Georgia.

If you are unaware, Georgia is a hotspot of production for both television and film, right up there with New York and L.A.

The threat is to divest from the state over the "fetal heartbeat" bill.

Alyssa Milano Red Carpet Image

Abortion rights are a deeply contentious topic in American politics, and appear to be an obsession among some on the political right.

Georgia has passed a bill that outlaws abortion once an embryo's heartbeat can be detected.

With modern medical technology, that can be as early as six weeks. 

Notably, this is before most women are even aware that they are pregnant, which means that the state has found a sneaky way to effectively outlaw abortion.

The bill is scheduled to head back to the Georgia House of Representatives for a vote.

Celebrities signed the petition in the hopes that economic pressure will have more of an impact on Georgia's government than legal or moral arguments have.

Stephen Baldwin on Instagram

Stephen Baldwin is a diehard conservative who has espoused a number of alarming views about women over the years.

It is clear that he, for both religious and political reasons, believes that abortion should be severely restricted.

He has also pushed the lie in recent weeks that the Democratic position wants to allow "post-birth" abortions.

This stems from a malicious misreading of recent laws passed by Democrats in the hopes of keeping newborns safe.

In Stephen's eyes, however, Alec and Alyssa and the majority of Americans who support abortion rights are condoning the "murder" of unborn children.

It's a complicated issue and, though he's clearly passionate about it, he could probably find a less inflammatory way to discuss the matter.

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