Porsha Williams Exposes NeNe Leakes for Fat-Shaming Her Post-Baby Body

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It has been just over a week since Porsha Williams welcomed her first child, and everyone is so, so happy for her.

Everyone except for NeNe Leakes, that is.

NeNe sent Porsha a series of nasty, body-shaming messages just days after she gave birth ... and Porsha exposed those texts to the world.

Porsha Williams Complains About Nene Leakes

On Friday, Porsha Williams took to social media to share screenshots of texts that appeared to be from NeNe Leakes.

"This is what my so called ‘Big sis’ sent me last night," Porsha begins.

She notes that this was only "6 days after giving birth."

"@neneleakes is so miserable and ain’t happy for nobody," Porsha laments. "It’s not a contest I’m just living my life and being blessed."

"Yes I posted this since you wanna go on live and speak on me yet again talk & about these texts," she says. "I figured I’d let them see for themselves!"

Porsha Williams, NeNe Leakes

In the texts, NeNe Leakes goes off in NeNe fashion.

"You lying ass big fat hungry b--ch!" NeNe accuses. "You know i never put my hands on you!"

She insists that "Marlo, Cynthia, nor Bailey can EVER say that!"

"You want an excuse for going in my closet without my permission so You can talk yo fake s–t on IG all you want," NeNe theorizes.

"But remember," she warns. "My house is lit wit cameras!"

During an episode that aired last March, NeNe was understandably furious when Kandi and Porsha went into her closet.

Nene Leakes Attacks Cameraman

"Oh and don’t forget," NeNe notes. "Who was by your side & saved yo wack ass when u pulled Kenya off that sofa."

"Don’t forget nobody f--ked with u in San Fran or in Spain but ME!" she adds.

"If u got something to say," NeNe instructs. "Say the truth because if i put my hands on you, you will know it."

Oof, that's a good line.

"Oh and remember you had your hair flipped over yo thin bald spot!" NeNe accuses.

"I have hair but if i don’t," she brags. "I have enough money to buy all the wigs & Extensions i want."

Nene Leakes Has Meltdown

This is where Porsha Williams fires back.

"You know dayum well I ain’t recorded that in no studio to set you up!" Porsha insists. "Kiss my ass!"

"How dare you make that claim," she exclaims. "I would not conspire no s--t like that!!"

NeNe wasn't having it.

NeNe says that Porsha is "full of s--t."

"Yo day is coming," NeNe warns. "Just like it has in the past!"

NeNe Close-Up

"Imma lot of things," NeNe admits.

"But what i don’t do is f--k over people and lie for no reason!" she claims.

She taunts Porsha: "Just remember I’m the HBIC that YOU want to be!"

She then body-shames Porsha, calling  her a "big piggy with the busted shape."

It was at this point that Porsha hit back at the body-shaming, saying that NeNe is not one to talk.

"Girl," Porsha writes. "I know you and them granddaddy long legs and box body not coming for my body !!!!"

Porsha Williams Promotes RHOA

NeNe and Porsha are both beautiful women who get paid tremendous sums to behave poorly on television.

These weird labels about body shape and spider legs are meaningless insults.

Nonetheless, NeNe responded.

"You worry bout them extra small baby ankles you rockin!" NeNe instructs.

That doesn't mean anything, either. It's like they're using an online generator to string descriptions and body parts together.

"Hopefully they hold up that giant body," NeNe concludes. "Try dieting! … That’s something you have never been good at."


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