Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar: Did They Accidentally Announce ANOTHER Pregnancy?!

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It's time to pull out your iPhones and open up that nifty calculator app, folks. 

This is not a drill -- get these suckers ready for some serious math I am about to throw your way because there may be another pregnant Duggar! 

And it may have been Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar's fault for revealing the news! 

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar Pic

After Josh and Anna Duggar revealed to Instagram on April 26th that they're expecting their sixth child, Jim Bob and Michelle left a questionable message in the comment section.  

The two included their five other kiddos (Michael, 7, Meredith, 3, Marcus, 5, Mason, 1, and Mackynize, 9) to help with their exciting announcement as Anna kept the caption sweet and simple. 

"As we watch our children grow and thrive -- we look forward to baby six joining us this fall!" she wrote. 

Josh, Anna, Kids

And while fans celebrated the news, many were surprised and well, a tad flustered thanks to Jim Bob and Michelle.

The couple -- who birthed 19 kids together -- congratulated Anna and Josh in the comment section, noting that they now have 16 grandkids in total! 

Hold up... that's just not right. 

Michelle Duggar (Young)

Considering the actual number is 15 (even taking into account the current pregnancies), fans are totally convinced that another baby announcement will soon be underway. 

Yep, it seems Michelle and Jim Bob just leaked some major news. 

Or maybe they just mistyped or miscalculated? 

Either way, nice going, you two! 

Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle Duggar Share a Drink

"We are so happy for Josh and Anna, expecting their 6th child and our 16th grandchild!" the couple wrote in a joint statement. 

But let's double check their math, shall we? 

Anna Duggar rings in with 5 children + 1 pregnancy.

Kendra Duggar offers us 1 baby + 1 more pregnancy. 

We are at 8, people. Keep up!

Garrett Duggar Photo

Jinger Duggar and Joy-Anna Duggar tie for last place with 1 child.

As Jessa Duggar gives us 2 kids + 1 pregnancy.  

Oh, and we can't forget about Jill Duggar's 2 little ones. 

All together that puts us at, yep, 15! 

Jessa Duggar and Co.

Fans are absolutely losing it over the meaning of number 16. 

Some people think Joy and Abbie Duggar are likely shoo-ins, while others think Michelle just can't keep her family straight. 

"I think it's a toss up between Joy and Abbie for the next pregnancy announcement," someone shared. 

Austin, Joy Duggar

"Also, Michelle probably barely knows her grandchildren's names, let alone how many there are." 

I must agree with them on that, but also we can't dismiss the possibility of another future Duggar -- because it's not far-fetched in the slightest. 

Another commenter brought up Lauren's recent miscarriage and the possibility that she could be pregnant again. 

"It would have been Lauren, but she seemed to indicate she wasn't recently on Instagram. However, I fully expect any of them to announce at any time, so..."

Swanson and Josiah Duggar

While all of these options are fair, it does make sense that Michelle and Jim Bob could have included Lauren's miscarriage in their count of 16.

According to Romper, the couple sometimes says they have 20 kids -- in reference to their miscarriage in 2011. 

"It's hard to believe Jubilee would have been 6 years old today," Michelle and Jim Bob wrote about losing the pregnancy in the second trimester.

"Jubilee is our 20th child who was stillborn. We so look forward to seeing Jubilee in heaven."

Michelle Duggar and Jim Bob Duggar in Silver Dollar City

But if this were the case, wouldn't they have included Anna's miscarriage, which happened sometime before 2010?  That would've knocked them up (no pun intended) to a total of 17 grandkids.  

Either way, it's really none of our business nor our place to be stirring rumors about the family's fertility.  

We are really just as clueless as the rest of you -- but we do know that this is enough mental exhaustion for one day.

Stay tuned to see if the Duggars do not shock us at all with yet another pregnancy. 

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