Meghan Markle: Did Her "Diva Demands" Drive a Royal Pilot to Quit His Job?!

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Another day, another rumor of Meghan Markle pissing off the royal staff with her egotism and persnickety ways.

Obviously, such reports are getting old at this point, but to be fair, this one might be the funniest yet.

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According to Radar Online, Meghan has driven another staffer to quit -- and this time, it was an elite helicopter pilot whom she treated like an Uber Eats driver.

An insider tells the site that Meg would send the guy on missions to retrieve “weird” snacks, and that she often treated him like “an on-call 24/7 flying delivery service.”

“This is yet more proof professional people just cannot work with Meghan,” says the royal source.

Meghan Markle: Bumpin!

“Her demands are constant and outrageous. The pilot was treated like a humble take-away delivery driver instead of a highly-trained elite pilot.”

Lending a modicum of credence to this probably-BS story is the fact that the royals have posted an employment advertisement for a pilot to be stationed at Royal Air Force base in the town of Odiham, Hampshire.

“Your initiative and problem-solving skills mean that you can think ahead and act proactively," the ad reads.

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"Flexibility is essential as you’ll be required to undertake travel across the UK and overnight as necessary."

This is just the latest of many reports involving Meg allegedly driving royal staffers to quit.

It all started with the departure of Melissa Toubati, a personal assistant who was supposedly driven to quit by Meghan's demands.

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Shortly thereafter, the British tabloid press reported that staffer Samantha Cohen would be leaving her post after the arrival of Meghan's baby.

(It's worth noting that Cohen's job was never intended to be permanent.)

Insiders claim that Meghan lost another aide just last month when Amy Pickerill announced her resignation.

And even though there's no clear indication that any of these employees quit their jobs as a result of Meghan's behavior, the British media has been pushing that angle hard.


Obviously, there's a strong possibility that this latest story is either heavily exaggerated or completely fabricated.

But frankly, we love it for the way it humanizes the Duchess of Sussex.

It's hard for us to imagine all the power and privilege that accompany life in a royal family -- but an Elvis style obsession with freaky-ass snacks? Abusing your power to get your hands on a peanut butter and banana sandwich?

That we can totally relate to.

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