Kevin Federline Using Britney Spears Health Crisis to Bilk More Cash?!?

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Courageously, Britney Spears checked herself into a mental health facility as she grapples with her father's serious health crisis.

Officially, her ex and father of her children Kevin Federline has voiced his support for her strength and dedication to staying healthy.

But it turns out that, behind the scenes, he is allegedly plotting to use this incident to leverage even more money out of her.

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Over a year ago, Kevin Federline sued to force Britney to give him more child support.

He was already receiving $20,000 per month from Britney to cover two young boys, Sean Preston and Jayden, for a fraction of said months.

Despite expectations to the contrary, Kevin got his wish.

The final amount of money that he managed to extort -- sorry, receive -- per month from Britney remains confidential.

But reports said that K-Fed secured himself a "significant increase" in monthly payouts.

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Now, however, he allegedly wants more.

"They settled out of court in September," an insider reminds RadarOnline.

"And," the source claims. "Everyone was okay with the increase that Kevin was given."

We are sure that Kevin, in particular, was loving it.

"But now he is asking for more money," the insider notes.

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The source explains that Kevin's rationale for asking for more is "because he will need to care for the boys permanently for the time being."

"Kevin has the kids right now," the insider says.

"And," the source continues. "They obviously don’t know what is really going on with their mother."

Is that obvious? It's everywhere in the news.

The boys are 12 and 13 -- they can probably find a way to google their mom if they realize that they're not being told everything.

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It sounds like the boys have been kept in the dark to some degree for a few months, now.

"Britney was trying her best to keep the severity of their grandfather’s health issues from them," the insider claims.

The source adds that Britney did "the best she could."

Her best is pretty darn good -- she is an exceptional mother.

"But," the insider notes. "The boys are old enough to understand death and they are not blind."

Kids notice way more than you think -- especially when you're talking about a bright young teen and preteen.

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According to what RadarOnline has been told of the situation, the boys have at least a general grasp of the family situation.

That means their grandfather's declining health -- and it means their mom's hospitalization, which began last week.

The source reports that the boys are a little "scared" over the whole situation.

Britney, of course, is a solid fixture in their lives. And the two of them are her entire world.

The insoder says that the boys "obviously want her to be okay."

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While Kevin Federline is reportedly using this family crisis to try to milk even more money out of his baby mama, others are showing support.

Notably, Britney's boyfriend, the ludicrously attractive Sam Asghari, posted about how proud he is of Britney to seek help.

"It isn’t weakness," he affirmed in an Instagram post on Wednesday. "It’s a sign of absolute strength."

It's true and he should say it!

"People should only be inspired by this," Sam wrote. "At least I am."

We are, too.

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