Jinger Duggar Pens Heartfelt Note to Parents Ahead of Los Angeles Move

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Jinger Duggar may be moving to Los Angeles, but the reality star has made it very clear on Instagram:

Her heart will always be in Arkansas.

Specifically, it will always be with the two people who raised her and taught her every life lesson: parents Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar.

Jinger Duggar and Parents

Jinger and husband Jeremy Vuolo, of course, moved away from many of the former's family members years ago and have been residing in Laredo, Texas.

However, they confirmed to People Magazine several days ago that yet another move was on the horizon.

"In recent days, God has made it overwhelmingly clear to us that he is leading us out of Laredo," the couple told this publication in an interview, elaborating as follows:

"Through much prayer and counsel, the next step for our family is to relocate to Los Angeles to attend Grace Community Church as Jeremy pursues graduate studies at The Master's Seminary."

Labeling the decision to relocate as one of the "hardest things we've ever done," the couple asked fans for prayers and said they will become California residents in July.

Jinger Duggar and Cute Family

Now, ahead of this major life change, Jinger has taken a moment to look back.

She has shared a photo of herself being kissed on the cheeks by Jim Bob and Michelle and published an affiliated caption that showers praise on both her mother and her father.

"Dear Dad & Mom, I want to take a moment to express my deep love and gratitude for you," she writes to open this message, adding:

"You two have impacted my life in ways that will forever be imprinted upon my heart. You not only taught us kids what it means to be a Christian but exemplified it by your daily walk with Christ.

"Your training was one not merely of words, but of actions."

Jinger Duggar Bares Her Shoulders and Holds Her Baby

This note is notable because Jinger has clashed at times with her conservative parents.

She has famously worn pants in the past. She waited an entire year after marriage to get pregnant. And now she's moving to the liberal bastion of Los Angeles, sparking talk that mom and dad have disowned their daughter.

So it's safe to assume this open letter is Jinger's attempt to get back on Jim Bob and Michelle's good side.

Continues the mother of one in it:

"Truly there is no greater emphasis that you could’ve instilled in us kids, than that of love for God and others. Your constant care for both our physical and spiritual needs is but a small example of our Heavenly Father’s love and nurturing care for His children."

Jinger and Family

Neither Jim Bob nor Michelle has spoken on Jinger and Jeremy's impending move.

We can't imagine they are too thrilled over it.

But perhaps they are taking solace in their daughter's seemingly heartfelt conclusion, which reads:

I am so grateful to God for the gift of such godly parents and role models as you. May the Lord grant both Jeremy & me the grace to raise our sweet Felicity with that same nurturing care and devotion..

I love you both dearly! Your grateful daughter , Jinge.

How sweet, right?

Now, if you'll excuse Jinger, she has to go make sure her husband isn't banging other women like he wants to.

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