Jenni Farley to Roger Mathews: Way to Ditch Our Kids So You Could Rage!

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According to Jenni Farley, she cannot stop smiling over the presence of Zack Carpinello in her life.

The Jersey Shore veteran and her 24-year old lover seem quite content with each other at the moment.

Conversely, Farley has made it clear once again that she REALLY is displeased with estranged husband Roger Mathews right about now.

JWOWW and Roger Mathews at Trolls

Following an Easter Sunday in which Farley and Mathews put their differences aside in order to spend time as a family with their two young kids, something appears to have gone awry.

For a reason Jenni tried to make clear in a scathing Tweet yesterday, she now has yet another reason to think Mathews is a very bad parent and role model.

In her Instagram Story message, posted late on Sunday, the MTV personality best known as JWoww said that her son and daughter wouldn't be spending the weekend with their dad because he wanted to "rage."

She later deleted the note, but nothing ever dies on the Internet.

Jenni and Roger Throwback

"When you find out on Wednesday your kids will be with someone other than their father over the weekend because he wants to rage during HIS time because it's been planned 'for months,'" Farley wrote along with rolling eyes emojis.

"Yeahhhh ok. Loving all your 'dad posts,'" she added, mocking Mathews for how often he claims to be a dedicated and loving father and concluding:

"Please keep over posting...really shows how 'involved you are.'"

It certainly is true that during the crux of their VERY ugly exchanges late last year and earlier this year, Mathews often claimed that Farley was ignoring their kids in order to film Jersey Shore.

slamming roger

After his estranged wife obtained a restraining order against him several months ago, Mathews went on an all-time Instagram rant.

He trashed Farley as a fake and phony sand vowed that the "truth" would come out and that all he cares about in life is being a responsible parent.

It hasn't really been made clear exactly what Mathews was referring to at the time, but a sad truth has seemingly come out about him since this argument:

He admitted in an open letter to having been abusive with Farley, as documented below:

In this case, JWoww's post apears to be in response to Roger's Instagram video, posted Saturday, showing him on a "rare dad night out."

"Had this night planned for a few months now," Mathews wrote along with the video, adding:

"Kids are enjoying a sleepover with my best friends kids @fitmom_meg and Dads going to see @louiedevito tonight with some 20 year friends @jamiemalloy35 @dannycars13 @maximillian143 @aimeedanger @chrissyjules.

"Rare dad night out. Leeeeeeets goo."

We can totally understand Farley's frustration here.

Her kids and two and three years old, seemingly pretty young to have a sleepover.

It also seems a bit odd for Mathews to celebrate a "rare" night out, considering he doesn't have primary custody of these children.

Roger Mathews, JWOWW

Farley filed for divorce from the 43-year-old truck driver in September of 2018 after a three-year marriage, full of ups and down.

The reality star has since moved on with Carpinello, whom Mathews seemingly approves of, having been asked for his opinion by Us Weekly a few days back.

“He seems like a terrific guy and they seem to really be happy, and I’m very happy for them,” Mathews told this tabloid shortly after it revealed her new man is the 24-year-old professional wrestler from New York.

Mathews added at the time that Carpinello is a “good friend of her little brother” and that they’ve been dating for “a few months.”

We're very glad to hear it.

And we hope, for the sake of their kids, that Jenni and Roger can find an amicable co-parenting solution in the near future.

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