Jenni Farley Shares Intimate Photo of New, YOUNG Boyfriend

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Jenni Farley has dropped a few new details about her mysterious new boyfriend.

About two weeks after the veteran Jersey Shore star revealed to the world that she's dating once again, Farley appeared on the It’s Happening With Snooki & Joey podcast to gush and gush over this anonymous individual.

And then gush some more.

Jenni Farley and Boyfriend

Unfortunately, Farley didn't mention her lover's name, but she did hint that he would either appear on Season 3 of the revived Jersey Shore...

... or at least be referenced many times on upcoming episodes.

“We’re filming Jersey Shore right now and we nicknamed him ’24,’” Farley teased to the co-hosts, one of whom is her best friend and MTV colleague.

Farley then explained this nickname was simple to settle on -- because the boyfriend is only 24 years old!

"I decided to move on and I moved on with a 24-year old,” she said of both her former relationship and her current one.  “Life is a f-cking roller coaster, but it’s very enjoyable. I’m living my best life right now.”

We're just glad this roller coaster is on a high point at the moment... following many months of low notes for the reality star.

Jenni Farley in the Car

Farley filed for divorce from Roger Mathews in September after three years of marriage and two kids.

A few weeks later, the estranged spouses got into such a heated altercation that police were called to the scene and Mathews was slapped with a restraining order.

From there, both sides accused the other of either verbal or physical abuse, battling over their history and their future; with Farley vowing to never let Mathews get custody of his son or daughter.

It's been a seriously ugly break-up, one of the worst on record.

But Farley now has a 24-year old in her life to ride, sharing an intimate photo of the pair in bed together (way up top) while still waiting a bit to divulge too much information about him.

Jenni and Roger Throwback

Still, over the past couple weeks, Farley has posted a picture of the two sharing wine on a date and also riding in the car, writing as a caption at one point that her "face hurts from smiling" so much over this individual.

"Jwoww has moved on and is happy," her rep added in mid-April to Us Weekly.

Thankfully, it also appears as if her relationship with Mathews has been mended... to some extent, at least.

As you can see in the image below, the two put differences aside and spent Easter with their young children.

This made us very happy to see.

Jenni and Family

Snooki, meanwhile, has seemingly met Farley's boyfriend and gives him two giant thumbs up.

“He’s very handsome, by the way," Snooki said this week on her podcast, adding of her close pal:

"Jenni has been going through some sh-t, but I’ve never seen this girl more happier and more herself than this moment right now.”

We're so glad to hear this, considering it wasn't all that long ago that Farley wrote the following to Mathews:

“You have pushed me. You have shoved me. You have aggressively thrown me to the ground. You have prevented me from closing doors to escape having you coming at me. You have belittled and disparaged me. You have threatened me."

But that was then and this is now.

"She is being an adult about the divorce and working towards being better coparents," an insider previously told Us Weekly, concluding:

"As far as the divorce, there is no reconciliation in the future and she is excited about continuing to move on with her life."

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