Jenelle Evans Reveals The Scary Reason Why She Had An Ovary Removed!

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The ovaries are an important part of the female reproductive system. 

Their job is what got Jenelle Evans a job on the MTV hit show Teen Mom 2.

But now the 27-year-old is opening up about why one of her ovaries was recently removed while she underwent a surgical procedure to tie her tubes. 

Jenelle Evans: Her Selfie

The reality star answered fan questions via her Instagram Stories on Wednesday and told one of her followers why she "only [got] one tube tied."

She explained, "When she tied the other my doc thought the blood supply might be cut off in the long run then die so she took it out completely." 

Evans' rep told Us Weekly on Saturday, April 13 that the TV personality was "healing" after getting surgery to have polyps and cysts removed and get her tubes tied.

The North Carolina native later explained why she chose to go forward with the procedure. 

The Eason Kids

"I decided to get this procedure because I had a really bad problem of irregular bleeding, which led to ultrasounds then led to my OBGYN suggesting exploration surgery and tubes being tied," she told the media outlet.

"She told me my IUD made my lining very thin, which isn't good. ... I would have never known about any of this unless I had this procedure done."

"In the long run, it was the best decision for my health and gave me a lot of answers to many problems I was experiencing," she said. 

Jenelle Evans With Ensley

One of her problems included her getting "very sick" while pregnant with her three children -- Jace, 9, Kaiser, 4, and Ensley, 2 -- but she revealed that she is done having kids. 

"I am happy with the number of kids I have now," she said in an interview with E!

The JE cosmetics founder's husband David Eason, whom she married in September of 2017, "was by her side" during her time in the hospital. 

Jenelle and David Cuddles

Even though he couldn't for the life of him understand what his wife was even having surgery on. 

After Jenelle's procedure, David got her a surfboard as a get-well-soon gift to "get her back on her feet" -- but when he shared the picture a fan asked if she had her tubes tied and he said um ... no. 

Jenelle later cleared up her husband's confusion and confirmed to her fans that she did indeed have her tubes tied. 

And even though we are once again shaking our heads at David Eason, he has reportedly been a good husband (gasps!) and has continued to take care of her throughout her recovery.

Jenelle with a Surfboad

"I'm still crippled, y'all," the MTV star said via her Instagram Stories earlier on Wednesday. "I feel helpless."

We wish the mother of three a speedy recovery so she can get on out there and catch some waves with her (shudders) sweetheart.

Now that we would actually tune in to see. Surfs up. 

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