Jenelle Evans SLAMMED For Letting Baby Animals Get Killed on the Land!

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If you know anything about Jenelle Evans, you know that she always changes her identity to fit with whatever guy she's with.

She became a heroin addict with Keiffer, a gym rat with Nathan, and now that she's with David Eason?

Jenelle Evans and David Eason in December

Well, it's definitely been an interesting transformation.

She's been with David for nearly three years now, and in that time she's turned into a conservative gun-toting country girl.

And for the past several weeks she's been focusing on helping her husband turn their home into a #Homestead.

She's actually been getting pretty obsessed with the idea -- she's been using that hashtag every chance she can get.

Jenelle and a Goose

When she got her pig, and when she got her geese, it was all for the homestead.

She also used that obnoxious hashtag when she got some chicks last month ...

Unfortunately, it looks like those poor chicks are no longer with us.

Earlier this week, Jenelle tweeted "I need a llama as a guardian for my #Homestead. Sooo many predators ALREADY."

Jenelle's Chicks

A few minutes later, she elaborated a bit, writing "Don't get a pitbull if you plan on having a #Homestead cuzzzz he just wants our chicks really bad."

"But he was here first sooo ..."

That comment did not go over well.

"Lived on a farm, had multiple dogs including pits, and never had an issue," one of her followers told her. "It's called training."

Jenelle and a Pig

Another helpful person said "Solution: don't buy anymore chicks if you know they're going to just end up in danger."

There was also a fair bit of outrage that Jenelle specified her dog's breed, because it's not like pitbulls are the only breed of dogs who might go after a chicken.

Any dog that's untrained with a high prey drive would have the same problem.

But y'all know our girl's got excuses!

Jenelle's Chicken Coop

"So I hear people are mad some of my chicks died from my dog ..." she tweeted yesterday. "Well they are free range chicks."

"We also had a hawk, snake, and possum attack."

"This is why I said I need a llama," she continued, "but no matter what stuff like this happens when you have a #Homestead."

It's infuriating, right?

David Eason and Jenelle Evans: In Love

We feel like Jenelle thinks that having free range chickens means getting chickens, bringing them home, and just letting them loose.

She did build a chicken coop with David, but she's clearly not using it if her dog keeps killing the chicks.

As one person on Twitter explained it, "Free range still means they have a shelter of some sort to protect from the elements and predators."

"If you knew you had all these predators why the hell would you let a helpless baby animal be free range??" someone else asked.

Jenelle and David on a Date

As for her desperate need for a llama, another follower explained that "Llamas can be very challenging -- they have specialized needs and don't get along well with dogs."

"Without proper care or training, they will not guard anything -- they have to bond with the animals they're guarding and that takes time and a person willing to work."

Somehow we doubt that Jenelle and David would be willing to work with a llama -- we imagine it would be "free range" as well, and that would be a nightmare all its own.

When this new round of criticism started coming in, Jenelle said that she was working on figuring out a solution to all of her chicken problems, and that we'd learn all about it in a new YouTube video she's working on.

She also responded to someone pretty great joke of "Your mom let you free range and look what happened."

"Beautiful family, beautiful kids, perfect #homestead, perfect house, and loving life," Jenelle wrote. "Thanks mom!!!"

Yep, looks like the delusion is thriving down on the Eason Homestead.

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