George Zimmerman Banned from Tinder for Catfishing, Being the Worst

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Infamous Florida man and disgraced killer George Zimmerman has been banned from yet another dating app.

The reason? He lies about who he is, including his name, to try to lure women who would never give him the time of day if they knew who he was.

Tinder's ban is not the first time that this irredeemable creep has been booted from a dating site.

G. Zimmerman Mugshot

According to The New York Post, George Zimmerman has been kicked off of Tinder.

The grounds for his expulsion included his fake profile.

He was posing as a man named Carter, who works as a consultant.

Zimmerman also falsely claimed to have attended Liberty University, a notoriously conservative college.

Perhaps he was hoping that a conservative woman might not be frightened away when she realizes that she's dating a racist killer.

George Zimmerman on tinder

"I'm looking for carefree [misplaced comma] fun!" Zimmerman announces in his phony profile.

"I love the outdoors," he writes, adding: "fishing camping and hiking."

He continues: "I love adventure."

"Not into huge crowds," Zimmerman notes.

If we were one of the most infamous and reviled killers who managed to be acquitted, we wouldn't want to go to crowded places, either.

The more people, the greater the chances that you get recognized.

George Zimmerman tinder profile

"I'm also down with Longhorn takeout," Zimmerman's profile under a pseudonym concludes.

Not the best product endorsement that Longhorn Steakhouse has ever received.

As we noted, Tinder is not the first dating app the excise Zimmerman like a festering mass of necrotic tissue.

Bumble has had to remove him from their network, as well.

In fact, Bumble has had to do so twice.

George Zimmerman Selfie

In February, Bumble released a statement explaining that Zimmerman had been booted for the second time.

"George Zimmerman was blocked and banned in December 2018," Bumble announced. "When we first discovered his profile."

"We have blocked and banned him again," the statement reads.

Bumble took this move "after we were informed by our users that he had created a new unverified profile."

We suppose that a man who stalked and killed an unarmed teenager isn't going to feel beholden to an app's T&S.

George Zimmerman Boxing

George Zimmerman has been known to mask his identity in a number of uncreative ways, including writing his name as "Jorge."

He has even been caught "lurking" on OKCupid, a popular dating site older than Tinder or even Grindr.

What is truly astonishing is that, no matter which fake name or phony backstory he provides, one thing is consistent.

He allegedly sends the same flirtateous message to every women whom he attempts to woo.

And sometimes, people recognize him immediately.

George Zimmerman flirty DM

Zimmerman allegedly claims to be new to any given dating app in his opening message.

Since he keeps getting kicked off, that's arguably true.

He'll then tell a short story about having gone ice skaing for the first time, indicating that he's a "fun guy" who is willing to try new things.

Then he asks the object of his affections about her first date.

In the screenshot above, you can see that the woman recognized "Jorge" immediately.

Zimmerman on Trial

While it's always funny to see George Zimmerman get punched in the face -- metaphorically, of course -- we should keep something in mind.

Trayvon Martin was an innocent teenager who was stalked, attacked, and shot to death while walking home in his neighborhood.

His family continues to mourn and grieve this injustice.

George Zimmerman may be a clown, but he's never funny.

We will say that it's unfair to suggest that there should be a dating app exclusively for Geroge Zimmerman and Casey Anthony.

O.J. Simpson should be allowed on that app, too.

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