Colton Underwood: Not Ready To Move In With Cassie Randolph?!

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Colton Underwood is willing to jump a fence for the love of his life, Cassie Randolph, but when it comes to moving in with her well he's not quite there yet. 

The ABC star is opening up about how he and Cassie are trying to avoid past mistakes made by Bachelor couples and take things slow -- which ok, fine -- that's pretty rational. 

And though Cassie and Colton both recently relocated to Hollywood together, they are proudly revealing that they do not share a roof. 

Colton! Cassie!

Colton told Extra that he and his beach babe GF aren't ready for that step because they "are trying to do everything as normal as possible." 

You know, the complete opposite of the show they just starred on. 

"I don't think you realize how many important steps you miss in the Bachelor process," Colton says.

Though we really do.

Preparing to Propose

"Which is nothing against them. We want to make sure we do this the right way."

Colton then goes on to explain that he and Cassie just want to beat the Bachelor odds. 

"Statistically speaking, for Bachelors, it's not very good odds, so I think us going against what other Bachelor and Bachelorette couples have done is probably going to work in our favor." 

Kissing Cassie Randolph

He's got a point. While most other Bachelor couples are quick to jump into marriage -- as that is the entire point of the show -- it is kind of refreshing to see these two challenge the rules and totally shock fans by not rushing into all that important stuff. 

Although it shouldn't be that surprising that the two are moving at a turtle's pace here, I mean Cassie literally dumped him on live TV because she didn't think he was the one. 

And while the couple has been able to move on from that dramatic AF finale, they still clearly have a long way to go.

No matter how happy and lovey-dovey the pair seems via their Instagram accounts. 

Colton and Cassie in Bed!

In case you forgot, Colton also broke up with both Hannah Godwin and Tayshia Adams to fight for Cassie and completely risked losing love just to be with her. 

Which actually worked, they're just not trying to hate each other and fight over their odd quirks quite yet. 

Props to them. 

Colton also admits that he and Cassie aren't trying to spend every second together and think it is important to still have time for themselves. 

Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph Together

"We both feel like... living our separate lives but still coming together at the end of the day is what's most important for us and what's the right step for where we're at in our relationship."

"[With] any normal couple, you have conversations that [are] sort of what's next," Colton explains. 

"But right now we're enjoying dating, we're enjoying getting to know each other more, we're getting to find out more about each other." 

I guess that means we shouldnt' be expecting a ring anytime soon after all? (sighs

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