Britney Spears: Getting Out Soon Thanks to Free Britney Movement?

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Britney Spears fans have been sounding off, crying "Free Britney" on social media and making headlines.

Rumors have claimed that Britney was forced into hospitalization by her controlling father, possibly because she was off her meds.

A new report says that doctor's are preparing to release her. Does this mean that she'll be able to tell fans what's really going on?

Britney Spears Attends 2016 MTV VMAs

RadarOnline reports that Britney Spears has felt "overwhelmed" by the cries of Free Britney.

But as doctors prepare to release her, it sounds like she is unsure of how she should publicly respond -- if she should, or can, at all.

According to the report, Britney "just doesn’t understand why there is so much drama surrounding her treatment."

Initially, there was not much drama at all.

Britney had explained on social media that she had entered a mental health facility in order to cope with her father's illness and be her best.

Only recently have reports claimed that her explanation glosses over an alleged "ugly truth."

Britney and Jamie Spears

Britney is controlled by her father, Jamie Spears, through a conservatorship that has lasted for nearly 11 years.

When that conservatorship was first ordered, it was only meant to last for a single weekend. Then, it was made permanent.

Reports have claimed that Jamie ordered Britney to the facility after finding that she was no longer taking her medication as prescribed.

The claim goes on to say that Jamie had also pulled support for her Dominion residency in Vegas over the same issue.

One wild report even said that Britney had secretly been locked away since January.

Britney Spears Looks Flawless

The discourse among Britney's stans -- that is, her diehard fans -- has been incredibly polarized.

Some believe some or all of these unconfirmed reports and are eager to cry "Free Britney!"

While we all of course love and support Britney and all that she has done, some are more skeptical.

It seems likely that there may be some elements of truth to various rumors, but very unlikely that it's all true.

And some of Britney's most famous fans have called out the "Free Britney" crowd for treating their fave like a meme instead of like a person.

Britney Spears on a Tour

Chris Crocker, who rose to viral fame in late summer of 2007 with his "Leave Britney Alone!' video, took to Twitter to challenge both rumors and fans.

"If she’s so incapable," he proposes. "Why the f--k is she able to be on a stage in front of millions of people and do all of these meet and greets?"

"If she’s in such bad shape," Chris continues. "Why is she still put in the spotlight, then?"

The idea that she was unstable or even at risk of death before being hospitalized really makes the more fanciful stories difficult to believe.

Chris Crocker in 2016

Chris affirms: "We care about Britney, the person, not the pop star anymore."

"At this point," he continues. "This is about her having her full human rights."

Reports even said that Jamie was considering ending the conservatorship in 2018, though clearly he decided against it.

"She’s given us the music videos," Chris notes. "She’s given us the iconic performances."

Chris demands that fans and family alike: "Let this woman f--king live!"

Britney Spears, No Makeup Selfie

Notably, Chris Crocker had very recently appeared to be "spiraling" or even having a "breakdown," according to fans.

His Twitter and Instagram pages were later deleted and remain missing as of Friday morning.

For the moment, it is unclear if he deleted the pages due to backlash over his comments on Britney.

He may have faced backlash over other statements (during his alleged meltdown, he used and defended his use of an ableist slur that we won't repeat).

It is also possible that the flurry of attention drew the ire of social media giants, who are known to discriminate against sex workers on their platforms.

Chris, who had been posting nudes to the internet since before his "Leave Britney Alone" fame, is currently a porn star.

Britney Spears, Sean Preston, and Jayden James at Brunch

"They are currently putting together her exit plan," RadarOnline reports of Britney's doctors.

"Because," the source explains. "30 days is coming to an end in the very near future."

That backs up Britney's words of having entered the facility in late March, not the bonkers claim that she was secretly locked up in January.

"Britney just wants to get out and she wants to be with her family," the insider affirms.

"Her kids miss her terribly and she has gotten what she needed to get out of this," the source concludes. "Which was some peace of mind and serenity."

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