Tyler Baltierra Apparently Bought His Daughter an Actual Pony

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Tyler Baltierra has made absolutely, positively, 100% sure of one very important thing:

His oldest daughter will not be neglected by the presence of his brand new daughter.

That much is very much for certain.

Celebrating Nova

Just a few weeks ago, Tyler and his beloved wife Catelynn welcomed a baby girl into their world.

Her name is Vaeda. She weighed six pounds and four ounces at birth and Tyler wrote the following upon announcing her blessed arrival:

She’s here & I’m in love.

Check out the following slideshow for plenty more on this amazing development:

The thing is, oldest children can sometimes feel ignored or overlooked when a newborn enters the picture.

It's only natural. This tiny human being needs every ounce of attention from mommy daddy.

But Tyler just ensured that his four-year old child continues to feels loved and wanted by her parents, despite the arrival of an attention-starved sibling, bu buying little Nova a pony!

Yes, an actual live pony!

"Making Novalee’s dream come true today & watching her face light up with pure bliss was so humbling as a father but also made me feel so proud of raising such a loving, caring & free spirited little girl that I am blessed to love & cherish," Tyler wrote as a caption to both of the photos below.

Nova and a Pony

He then added:

"She felt extra special today & I live for moments like this as a Dad! #HerFirstPony #DaddysGirl."

Tyler continued as a subsequent update:

“Novalee is so in love with her pony! She’s doing such a good job leading & bonding with her. We can’t wait to get her into 4-H & raise her on the farm."

These photos seriously are just SO adorable.

Nova Has a Pony!

Catelynn and Tyler have up their first child for adoption back when they were teenagers.

They later welcomed Nova and then also suffered the pain of a miscarriage in late 2017.

But the Teen Mom stars shocked their fans, in the best way possible, when they confirmed early this past fall that Catelynn was pregnant with a rainbow baby.

And while the reality stars themselves battled through a few marital obstacles, even taking 30 days to self-reflect and sort of separate at Tyler's behest, they never entertained the notion of gettign a divorce.

They always remained committed to their daughter and their impending child.

Here is what Catelynn had to say about Nova's incredible present.

As a little girl I always begged my mom to get me a pony and she could never afford it …

So to be able to do it for my daughter was such an amazing feeling …

This is a memory she will remember forever as will I … it’s something that her and I can bond over and I’ll be able to teach her …

She was SO HAPPY #baltierrafarm #pony #blessed.

Totally and completely blessed all around.

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