Soulja Boy: Arrested for Yet Another Probation Violation

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Soulja Boy has had a busy year, having ended his short-lived romance with Blac Chyna just last month.

But not everything that he's done has been quite that wise.

On Friday morning, Soulja Boy was arrested.

Soulja Boy Flexes

In the morning of March 15, Soulja Boy went to see his probation officer.

Oh yes, TMZ has confirmed that he is on probation in a big way.

When he arrived at his appointment in the San Fernando Valley, he was handcuffed, arrested, and carted off to jail.

As TMZ explains, Soulja boy is on probation, and the charges go back for eight entire years.

He was convicted of weapon violations.

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In 2016, police raided his home after he issued alleged threats online.

When you are on probation, police have a much easier time entering your home without your consent.

(That said, you should literally not be threatening people, online or otherwise -- ever)

During that 2016 search, police found at least one weapon in Soulja Boy's possession.

As you can imagine, possessing a firearm was a violation of his probation.

As a consequence of that 2016 violation, the judge extended his probation yet again.

Soulja On

Last month, police searched Soulja's home -- with a search warrant.

The reason for that search was that a woman claimed that he had held her hostage in his garage.

(For the record, Soulja denies that accusation)

TMZ reports that, according to their law enforcement sources, police found ammunition in his home.

When you're not allowed to possess any guns, you're not allowed to possess any ammo for them.

As you can imagine, this was yet another violation.

Soulja Boy Mug Shot

Police bided their time for a few weeks.

Knowing that he would show up to meet with his probation officer on Friday morning, that is when they made their arrest.

TMZ reports that Soulja Boy is currently locked up at Van Nuys.

It is expected that he will make an appearance in court later on Friday.

Interestingly, that is not the only appearance that he is expected to make before the weekend officially begins.

A Soulja Boy Pic

Soulja Boy is expected -- or, at least, he was expected -- to perform at a Clippers game on Friday night.

The Los Angeles Clippers is a basketball team.

Shortly before his arrest, Soulja recorded and uploaded a video to his fans.

In it, he sounded very confident that he would make the scheduled appointment at the game.

We suppose that fans will have to wait and see.

Soulja Boy Pic

Most people don't keep getting their probation extended.

However, most people are not rappers with an estimated net worth in the range of $30 million.

That kind of cash can buy first-rate attorneys and secure the sort of courtroom "justice" of which plenty of people can only dream.

There's an easier and much less expensive way to avoid prison (or the more likely probation extension).

He could simply, and we know that this is a radical suggestion, not possess any weapons or ammo.

Plenty of people do that every single day of their lives. Soulja can be one of them.

Assuming that the court gives him yet another chance.

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