Katherine Brooks, Married Georgia Teacher, Arrested For Banging Student During "Tutoring"

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It has happened yet again -- another teacher has been arrested after being accused of sexually preying upon an underage student.

This time, it was a Georgia-based physical education teacher.

She has resigned from her job, but she's certainly not out of the woods yet.

Sarah Katherine Brooks mugshot

Sarah Katherine Brooks is a physical education teacher in Georgia.

Or, at least, she was.

Until very recently, Brooks taught at Archer High School, located about an hour east of Atlanta.

She is accused of sexually preying upon one of her underage students.

According to the mother of a 17-year-old student, she would have sex with the student during off-campus "tutoring" sessions.

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According to the affidavit, Brooks "did, while employed as a teacher, engage in sexual contact with the victim."

The accusation continues: "who said accused knew or should have known was a student enrolled at the same school."

On Friday, March 15, she was actually charged with a crime.

She faces a charge of felony sexual assault by persons with supervisory or disciplinary authority.

The significance of that is that the teen is not only a minor, but someone over whom she wielded power.

Hypothetically, a teacher can leverage their relative power in a sexual relationship with a student. This should never happen.

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According to the allegations, Brooks and her alleged victim had sex at least three times since October.

One of those incidents allegedly took place at the 17-year-old teen's family home.

The victim's mother was at work at the time.

Brooks was released on $11,200 bond.

As if the current situation were not enough, 25-year-old Brooks is also married.

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Archer High School principal Ken Johnson sent home a letter to parents about the incident.

"On Monday we received a report about this situation," the letter begins.

"And," Johnson writes. "Our school immediately contacted the police and the school district's Division of Human Resources."

"As this has been and continues to be an active police investigation," the letter notes. "There are not many details I can share."

“However," Johnson promises. "I can tell you that the teacher has resigned from Gwinnett County Public Schools."

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"The school system will be forwarding information about these allegations to the Professional Standards Commission," the letter adds.

"While this is not a situation we have experienced at our school previously," Johnson notes. "One time is too many.”

For the record, just because a district has no record of this happening does not mean that it has never happened.

“Ethics matter," the letter affirms. "And the trust our community places in its educators matters to Archer and to Gwinnett County Public Schools."

"This is not something we take for granted," the principal concludes.

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