Leah Messer: Daughter Says N-Word in Shocking New Video!

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Leah Messer ... let's be honest, the girl used to be an absolute mess.

Like, there was a time she was one of the most troubled Teen Mom stars, and that time wasn't all that long ago.

Leah Messer Baby Bump Pic?

As she explained in a recent interview, she had some health problems after giving birth to her youngest daughter, Addie, the one she shares with Jeremy Calvert.

She had a c-section that went wrong somehow, and she was prescribed painkillers, and you probably see where this is going.

Leah developed a bit of an addiction, so much that she sometimes resorted to getting the painkillers from her father instead of from her doctor.

She also developed anxiety about the pain she was feeling, so she was prescribed Valium, which is another addictive drug.

L Messer

Teen Mom 2 fans will remember those scenes when Leah nodded off mid-conversation -- she said that was because of the Valium.

Around this time period, she also lost custody of her older daughters, Gracie and Ali, to their father, Corey Simms.

This was because she was struggling to get them to school on time, but on the show, we saw the girls complain about her not having any food in the house and sending them to school hungry.

Like we said, it was a bad time.

Leah Messer Close Up

In 2015, she went to rehab to deal with her addiction and anxiety, and she's really managed to turn things around.

She seems like an entirely different person than she was back then, and it's been wonderful to see.

That's kind of why it's extra upsetting to see her in the middle of a brand new mess.

OK, so last week, Addie was in the hospital, and she was diagnosed with mono.

Leah's Daughter Is Sick

Leah and Jeremy shared some photos and videos of her in her hospital room, and she was just as goofy as ever, even while sick.

And it really looks like she's not letting mono hold her down, because yesterday, Leah posted another video on Instagram Live, this one of Addie bouncing around on a bed and singing along to a Cardi B song.

The song had the N-word in it ... you know the one.

And Addie said it.

Addie rapping

She hesitated a bit, which is almost worst, because it shows that she knows she probably shouldn't say it, but she definitely said it.

We don't have to explain why white people don't need to be saying that word, do we?

Even six-year-old white people singing along to Cardi B.

But it happened.

Leah Messer on Insta

Addie said it, Leah watched it, she recorded it, then she put it on Instagram for her two million followers to watch it.

It's just not a great situation.

If you're having trouble understanding why that is, let's look at some comments about the video from the fine folks over at Reddit.

As one person wrote, "She should not be listening to explicit music (specifically music with the N word in it, when she's probably way too young to understand what it means/why she shouldn't say it!) and it certainly shouldn't be filmed and put out there like this."

Leah Messer Possible Baby Bump

"Tacky as hell for a 6 year old to even be rapping along to crap like Cardi B, let alone using the n word like nothing," another comment read. "And even tackier of Leah's dumb ass to be posting this crap for millions of people to see."

One Reddit user called this "awful parenting," and explained that "It's a popular song and I understand kids will sing it in school etc. but the VERY least you can do is let them listen to the clean version."

"I'm obviously not gonna drag Addie for singing the n word (she doesn't know the meaning) but how is Leah so dumb that she'd post her kid singing along to cuss words and raunchy music?" another person asked.

Really, Leah should have known better at several different points here.

But then again, a good Teen Mom scandal makes the day a lot more fun, so perhaps we should be thanking her for not thinking this through even the tiniest little bit.

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