Grey's Anatomy Recap: Jo (Finally!) Meets Her Mother

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If you watch Grey's Anatomy online, you know that Jo has struggled to make sense of why she was abandoned by her parents. 

Thursday's episode finally shed light on what actually happened, and it was a truly harrowing hour. 

Jo Searches for Answers

When Jo finally tracked her mother down, she realized that her mother had a life in a beautiful neighborhood and that she went on to have more children. 

On top of that, she did not want anything to do with Jo, but Jo did not travel all that way to leave without getting some answers. 

“There’s a diner a few miles up, weird green roof. One conversation and you will never hear from me again,” Jo told her before leaving.

Jo waited, and waited, but her mother did not show up ... until Jo was about to leave several hours later. 

Her mother seemingly wanted to give her money, but Jo refused, saying that all she needed were cold hard answers to give her some perspective. 

Jo's Mother on Grey's Anatomy

She was left at a fire station just two weeks after she was born, so something had to have gone down, right?

Jo's mother admitted that her father died several years before in a motorcycle accident. She went one step further by calling him a monster, saying that he raped her and that's how Jo was conceived. 

Jo's father was a TA when her mother was at college. He wouldn't take no for an answer to a date with her, raped her and Jo was born nine months later. 

Jo's mother felt like she was still recovering. She went through years of therapy, and that leaving Jo at the fire station was a difficult decision that she deliberated over for a while. 

“Movies and books and magazines, they just kept talking about this love that you feel the minute your baby is born, how instantaneous it is and how your heart just cracks wide open,” she said.

Camilla Luddington for ABC

“I remember I kept telling myself that as soon as I had you in my arms, I could do that and that I would do that.”

Jo's mom went on to say that she tried to love her as a baby, but she couldn't help but be reminded of the man who forced her to have sex with him. 

Jo was not ready to take that lightly, saying that she was in the same situation and had an abortion. 

“I was seven weeks pregnant when my ex-husband cracked my ribs and threw me across the living room floor,” she said.

“He didn’t know that I was pregnant, and in that moment I decided that he could never know. I couldn’t see a way out," she added. 

"Not then, at least. I knew that if I tried to leave, he would kill me, and I also knew that I couldn’t raise a kid in that fear and in that danger.”

"I did the best I could,” Jo’s mom said as she left. “I’m sorry. I’m still doing the best I can.”

Yikes. That was heavy!

Back in Seattle, Jo did not want to tell Alex anything and pressed on with her job ... until a patient with an injury on the face arrived. 

Jo recognized the signs, thinking there was domestic violence at the home. The woman said the injury occurred while putting away the dishes. 

A Nightmare on Grey's Anatomy

Teddy performed an ultrasound, and it revealed there was internal bleeding and she would need surgery. The ladies realized there were signs that Abby had been raped, so they said they could not sterilize her. 

That would give her the opportunity to report it. 

The woman later admitted her husband was not to blame. She and him he did have a fight at a bar, but it was somebody else who abused her. 

"We all know if I do that kit, it ends up in the back of some police station ignored for years while I sit there wondering when the bomb will go off, waiting to see if a jury of my peers will believe a woman who wore a skirt a few inches too short, who had a few cocktails too many at a bar last night after having a fight about laundry with her husband,” she said.

“You know the tequila I drank will make it my fault and whoever did this to me, whatever he drank, that’ll be his excuse.”

15 Seasons of Feels

Jo told the story of her own rape, and the woman decided that she was going through with the DNA sample. 

But the woman was too frightened to leave the room. As such, Jo and Teddy lined up the female doctors and nurses so that Abby would feel safe on the way to the OR. 

The woman later told all to the police, with Jo by her side. 

As for what happened at Jo's moms, Jo shut Alex down when he asked about it. 

“I don’t want to talk about it. I can’t talk about it. I just want to go home,” she said. “I want to go home alone. I want to go home and sleep. Please.”

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Grey's Anatomy airs Thursdays on ABC. 

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