Duggar Family Slammed for Pushing Anti-Abortion Agenda in DC

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While Duggar fans still have lingering questions about Michelle's cooking skills, the Duggars are doing something a bit more significant.

The family is on a trip to Washington D.C. to work with a Christian group in an attempt to influence legislators.

But some fans are not happy to see the Duggars pushing their religious agenda on everyone else. Take a look:

The Duggar Family on Capitol Hill

The Duggars shared this photo, which some would call ominous, on their Instagram page.

"We are having a great time in DC visiting our Senators and Members of Congress," the family post's caption begins.

They explain that they are at the capitol "with a ministry called Capitol Connections."

"We appreciate all those that serve trying to make a difference in our great county," the Duggars acknowledge.

Their post then concludes: "and those working hard to protect the unborn!"

The Duggar Kids with Capitol Connections Ministry

(A number of commenters noticed that Jana looks great!)

The Duggar opposition to abortion is both cultural and religious in origins.

Abortion is not mentioned directly in the bible -- the holy book that is central to the Duggar family's fundamentalist Christian faith.

However, it is well known that the Duggars consider childbirth and pregnancy to be an expression of God's will.

Therefore, to their minds, taking extraordinary measures to avoid pregnancy or childbirth is to oppose God's will or at least to not trust God's plan.

Like many other Christian fundamentalists, they believe that they have a religious obligation to curb abortion rights.

The Duggar Family with Capitol Connections Ministry

Additionally, the Duggars have a cultural belief that a fetus, even one that is not viable, is "alive" in the sense that a baby is.

In fact, they and others who oppose abortion rights often use the term "babies" to refer to even the smallest embryo.

The Duggars mourn miscarriages in the same way that they would mourn the sudden death of a newborn.

To them, it is one and the same.

This (in addition to the natural inclination to make rhetoric more dramatic) is why those opposed to abortion rights will call the procedure "murder."

Meeting of the Duggars

The posts by the Duggars, on Instagram and on Facebook did not go over well with everyone.

"I don’t know if you’re aware," writes one commenter. "But there’s a separation of church and state."

The implication here is that the Duggars are entitled to their religious beliefs, but not to inflict them upon innocent Americans through legislation.

"Protect the unborn but cut health, food, and housing programs...gtfoh" comments another.

"There’s more important things in this world than ppl having abortions though," suggests a follower.

That same follower asks: "What about the homeless and the children that are already here??"

The Duggar Family: A Photo

Critics of Duggar beliefs generally point out the hypocrisy of opposing abortion rights without providing support for new parents.

It is also generally noted that legislating control of another's body as the Duggars desire is no different than forcing others to give birth.

However, as you can imagine, a large portion of the Duggar family's fanbase shares at least some of their political leanings.

Some comments showed support for their political agenda.

"Thank you for fighting and caring about those precious baby’s! [sic]" one commenter writes.

That sentiment was echoed by a number of others.

Even so, some decided to shower the Duggars with praise for how the children looked rather than touching the contentious abortion issue.

Duggar in Honduras

The Duggars have goten hefty criticism for their family trips before.

Not so long ago, they visited Honduras. 

"Please leave the locals alone," implored one of their followers. "They have their own religion."

To be clear, Honduras is about 50% Catholic, and over a third of Hondurans are Protestants.

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