Colton Underwood: I Pretty Much HAD to Dump Tayshia & Hannah G!

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If you watched the first two-hour installment of The Bachelor season finale on Monday night, then you learned two important things:

The show's producers have figured out a way to drag this thing out to an absurd degree, and Colton is all-in when it comes to Cassie Randolph.

Bachelor in Tears

Last week, Colton got dumped by Cassie (Fun fact: He's the most-dumped bachelor in the show's history!) and in response, he hopped a fence -- with impressive upper body strength -- and took off into the wilds of Portugal.

This week, Colton kicked both Tayshia and Hannah G to the curb in order to focus on winning back Cassie -- who, again, had just dumped him.

We all knew Colton's fantasy suite week would probably feature considerably less sexy-time than past seasons, but we didn't think dude would end up just as single and virginal as when he started!

Cassie Randolph on ABC

At times, it was tough to figure out what the Colton was thinking.

But in a new interview with People, Underwood makes it clear that there was just one thing going through his mind -- Cassie.

"I had to fight for Cassie," the ex-football player tells the magazine.

“I was ready to end the show."

Who to Choose?!????

Colton says once he poured his heart out for Cassie, he knew there was only one path forward.

“Once I had the conversation with Cassie, my mind was made up. I was either going to leave by myself, or I was leaving with her,” he says.

As for sending Tayshia and Hannah packing, Colton says he did as much for their sake as for his own.


“I had to do what was right, and what was best for them, and that was to have that tough conversation,” he tells People.

“The game was changed in a way,”

“I knew I could walk away heartbroken,” says the Bachelor star. “But I had to fight for Cassie.”

Hannah Godwin on Instagram

Colton seems like a decent fella and all, but he's definitely guilty of sugar-coating some heaping spoonfuls of BS.

We don't doubt the sincerity of his feelings toward Cassie, but after the famous dump-and-jump scene, it's not like he could have gone back and tried his luck with Tayshia or Hannah.

Imagine if he had to watch the Cassie breakup with one of the other women, having recently proposed to her.

Preparing to Propose

We're guessing that wouldn't have gone over to well with either Hannah or Tayshia.

Colton might not always be the brightest bulb when it comes to his love life.

But even he has the foresight to anticipate a disaster like that.

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