Anna Duggar Begins Workout Regimen: Is She Getting In Shape to Leave Josh?!

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As you probably know, life in the Duggar clan can be especially hard on women.

And perhaps no female member of reality TV's largest family has suffered as much as Anna Duggar.

Josh and Anna Duggar Anniversary Photo

Anna, of course, is the beleaguered wife of Josh Duggar ... at least for now.

Yes, rumors of Josh and Anna getting divorced have been circulating for years, and it seems they've really gained steam in the past few months.

The reasons for this are unclear, as divorce is strictly forbidden under the Duggars' belief system, and it's extremely unlikely that Anna would ever exile herself from her community by leaving Josh.

Josh and Anna at Joseph Duggar's Wedding

Nevertheless, fans are taking everything Anna does these days as a sign that she's getting ready to hit the road.

It's literally reached the point where the simple act of walking is being interpreted as an indication that Anna is preparing to ditch her philandering husband.

Anna recently revealed that she accepted a challenge to walk 50 miles in the month of February.

Anna Duggar Exercise

Not only did she meet her goal, she exceeded it -- and as you can see, she's ready to get her march on in March.

"#February50 ended up being February55! Now on to March - hoping to go another 50 miles!" Anna captioned the above screenshot.

Like we said, a handful of fans took a sudden interest in fitness as a sign that Anna is preparing to re-enter the singles scene.

Josh and Anna Duggar with Family

And while we can relate to that wishful thinking, it's almost certainly not happening.

Fortunately, most followers were content to simply congratulate Anna on her progress.

“Good for you Anna! Be healthy for you and your family! Blessings!” one fan wrote. 

Josh n' Anna Duggar

“Fabulous determination. You are a strong woman. You are setting a great example for your children,” remarked another commenter.

As for Anna's inspiration to shed some pounds, it apparently had nothing to do with Josh Duggar's sex scandals.

But it was nonetheless the result of a pretty ugly incident.

Late last year, fans speculated that Anna was pregnant, and the reality star sheepishly replied that she's simply "overdue for a diet."

Josh and Anna Image

The exchange reportedly prompted her to get active and start paying more attention to what she eats.

C'mon, people.

Anna is already married to a Duggar! Let's not make her life even more difficult, mmm-kay?

Let's just applaud her for her renewed commitment to fitness and allow her to make her own decisions -- regrettable as they may be.

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