Amanda Bynes: Friends Fear She Will DIE in Rehab

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About two weeks ago, it was reported that Amanda Bynes was back in rehab following an unfortunate relapse.

Fans had been so happy seeing the once-troubled star retake control of her life. Now, things may be worse than ever.

Those who know her best worry that she is once again on the fast track to an early grave.

Young Amanda Bynes

RadarOnline reports that Amanda Bynes' loved ones are afraid that her latest relapse may be her last -- in the worst possible sense.

"Amanda has put her body through so much," the insider observes.

Years ago, Amanda's troubled behavior was coupled with extensive substancea buse.

According to the source: "Everyone is terrified this latest slip-up may kill her!"

For a number of complicated reasons, a relapse can be more dangerous than the original pattern of substance abuse.

Amanda Bynes for Paper

In a recently published interview, Amanda opened up about how early she began using drugs.

Despite her innocent reputation as a Nickelodeon star, Amanda first dabbled in drugs when she was 16.

"Even though everyone thought I was the ‘good girl,’" Amanda revealed. "I did smoke marijuana."

Marijuana is not generally a big deal -- though it can be dangerous for those at risk for schizophrenia. 

But Amanda added: "Later on it progressed to doing molly and ecstasy."

Amanda Bynes Beautiful

In 2013, Amanda went into rehab and vanished from the public eye for years.

After her quiet return, however, she reportedly began a more recent stint in rehab.

"Amanda can’t seem to handle the media spotlight," an insider explained.

"But," the source said. "She can’t continue to abuse herself like this."

"She won’t survive it," the insider solemnly predicted.

Amanda Bynes Young

"I'm really ashamed and embarrassed with the things I said," Amanda said in her recent interview.

Her I want Drake to murder my vagina tweet may have become a meme, but she never would have tweeted it if she'd been in her right mind.

"I can't turn back time but if I could, I would," Amanda expressed.

"And I'm so sorry to whoever I hurt," she added. "And whoever I lied about because it truly eats away at me."

That is so heartbreaking.

She truly was not in full control of her actions for that period of time in her life, but she feels such guilt over her behavior at that time.

Amanda Bynes and a Friend

Amanda once had a promising acting career, but she did not waste her time out of the spotlight.

She enrolled in school in late 2013. by 2018, Amanda had earned an Associate's Degree in Merchandise Product Development.

This is a woman determined to turn her life around, and spending four years sober was only part of that.

We all hope that Amanda makes a full recovery from whatever is troubling her now, whether it's truly a relapse or something else.

(Rehab isn't always for drugs, folks -- and that is even true for addicts)

She has brought so much joy to so many people.

She has so much more to offer the world and we wish her the very best.

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