Colton Underwood to Cassie Randolph: Our Love is More Than Just Physical!

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Cassie Randolph seems to have stolen not just Colton's heart back in Thailand, but all of ours too! 

Most of Bachelor Nation seems to have their bets placed on the speech pathologist from California to become the future Mrs. Underwood. 

Cassie Randolph Photo

And while their one-on-one date last week proved there is inevitable physical chemistry between the two, Colton wants us to know he has a more emotional connection with her as well. 

HollywoodLife asked Colton, 27 about his relationship with Cassie, 23 and whether or not he sees more than just a physical connection with her. 

To which he said, "I think one-on-ones in general, whether you look back at my one-on-one with Elyse or you look back on my one-on-one with Hannah [Brown], you could really take the next step in that relationship, and I feel like my relationship with Cassie last night did that." 

Colton Underwood with a Smile

And while he doesn't need to prove to us that they in fact did have an obvious physical attraction to each other, he feels the need to remind us. 

"You know, yes, we obviously had a physical connection, but I also think if you watch the dinner portion too, you see sort of a conversation that was hard for her to talk about. I think that's what's interesting with all of these one-on-ones... 

It sort of forces them to get out of their comfort zone, and it also pushes me to get out of mine, too. And, really, you get to know one another, so it's exciting."

He then concludes by saying that the "one-on-ones are game-changers."

Cassie Randolph on The Bachelor

Which definitely stood true for Cassie, who received barely any screen time before her date.

But Colton says, "It's so easy to be with her," according to HollywoodLife after the February 4 episode.

While at dinner together, Cassie opened up about her experience, not as a... um virgin, and Colton was totally accepting of everything Cassie shared. 


He knew how hard it was for her to open up about that "secret" and told her, "With me, you are not going to be judged. With me, you can feel safe." 

Wow, just say "I do" already! 

Fine. Colton still has 7 girls left. And many more one-on-one dates.

Colton Underwood with a Balloon

So anything can happen! 

And after his spa date with Hannah G in Vietnam on Monday night, we noticed a similarity between her and Cassie's date...

a LOT of making out

Hannah Godwin and Colton Underwood: What's in the Box?

Hannah G and Colton definitely furthered their relationship, opening up over dinner and discussing their childhood, but when it comes to the best one-on-one date... 

Cassie and Colton still take the cake. And somehow still made out more. 

Yet the teasers at the end of last night's episode sent shock and confusion to fans who saw Cassie crying alone in a car.

Warning us that she may just get the boot after all...

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