Samantha Markle: Meghan Markle Is Just a Rich B-tch Who's Lying to the World!

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In the nine months since Prince Harry married Meghan Markle, the new Duchess of Sussex has given the British press plenty to talk about.

Meghan is pregnant with her first child; she's taken up charitable causes typically thought to be beneath royals, and yes, she's feuded with Kate Middleton in ways that highlight her status as a "non-traditional" member of the royal family.

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Unfortunately, the notoriously unethical British tabloids have given into Meghan's awful family and their petty efforts to hijack the narrative.

Meghan's friends mounted an effective counter-attack this week, singing the Duchess' praises in a heartfelt interview with People.

In the piece, five anonymous associates of Meg's criticized her family -- in particular, her opportunistic half-sister, Samantha -- and fretted over the impact that constant bullying must be having on the Duchess' psyche.

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“We worry about what this is doing to her and the baby,” said one woman, identified as a former costar of Meghan's.

“It’s wrong to put anyone under this level of emotional trauma, let alone when they’re pregnant.”

As a group, Meghan's friends promised to help her “stand up against the global bullying” that she's endured since entering the global spotlight.

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Naturally, Samantha was not a fan of the article, and she made her feelings abundantly clear on Twitter.

"#PeopleMagazine this article is total bulls--t there are plenty of text messages and receipts to prove otherwise. Stop the PR crap #Fake News," Sam tweeted.

“‘Sources say’ means imaginary sources,” she later added.

Samantha and Meghan

Once the elder Markle -- who's been dubbed Scammy Sammy in response to her seemingly endless grifts and cons -- gets on a roll, there's really no stopping her.

So we suppose it should come as no surprise that Samantha's unhinged tirade continued for several hours and touched on such wide-ranging topics as Meghan's relationship with her father and her recent efforts to reach out to UK sex workers.

As you may have heard, Meghan wrote messages on bananas to inspire hope in some of society's most downtrodden women.

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Naturally, Samantha took issue with the gesture.

“If she can say ‘you are strong, you are brave, you are special’ on a banana to a sex worker, she can say ‘you are strong, you are wonderful, and you are special and I love you’ on a banana… to our father," Sam tweeted, adding:

"Just my humble opinion."

Samantha went on to argue that the media is controlled by "narcissists" tweeting:

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“And if the narcissist is wealthy, they pay very expensive PR teams to change the way people see you.”

It may seem like Meg is talking about herself, but believe it or not, she's referring to Meghan.

We know this because Sam -- a failed actress -- is obviously far from wealthy.

No wealthy person needs to resort to such desperate measures.

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