Porsha Williams Filming Her Very Own Baby Delivery Spin-Off!

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Williams is super pregnant and just threw her baby shower.

Bravo's cameras were there to film, but this won't air on the main show.

Also, you won't believe who's filming with her. ...

Porsha Williams, Day of the Baby Shower

Porsha Williams shared some photos of her pregnant self in a red dress, flaunting her baby bump.

One of the pics shows her kissing Dennis McKinley.

In the captions, she made it clear that it was the day of her baby shower.

RadarOnline reports that we'll get to see much more than what she advertised on Instagram.

"Cameras were rolling at the baby shower," an insider reports.

"And," the source reveals. "It is going to be a part of the Porsha baby delivery special that she is filming."

Porsha Williams Kisses Dennis McKinley at Baby Shower

Some baby delivery specials are just individual episodes that show the trip to the hospital and the delivery.

Sometimes there's a flashback or two peppered in, especially if someone had a camera rolling for the pregnancy test results.

But Porsha's special will cover more than that.

"Porsha's last three weeks of pregnancy are going to be in the special," the insider shares.

"As well as the delivery," the source clarifies, in case there was any confusion.

Kenya Moore with B Necklace

Kenya Moore was at the baby shower and will be part of the special.

The former The Real Housewives of Atlanta star lost her peach, but the inside source explains that it's no surprise that she is taking part.

"She is so thirsty," the insider characterizes.

The source explains that "she signed a release to be on the show."

"Because," the insider says. "She is so desperate to be back on TV."

You know what? That's fair.

Porsha Williams on the Red Carpet

The baby shower sounds like it was eventful.

"It was a really emotional shower," the source reveals.

The insider affirms that "everyone loves Porsha."

"And," the source adds, everyone "is so happy for her."

So the baby shower might not be a dramatic, feud-filled event as we so often see among Housewives.

But a baby delivery special is supposed to be a feel-good event. it's different than the regular show.

Porsha Williams is Engaged

So why exactly is this special happening in the first place?

"Porsha has shared every aspect of her life," the insider notes.

The source elaborates that she has shared details "from her boyfriend Dennis to her pregnancy and then their engagement."

"And," the insider explains. "The producers wanted the viewers to see everything."

Sometimes, a special like this is about timing -- based upon when the Housewives are filming.

But this may also be about content. A wholesome video about childbirth will draw a different crowd.

Porsha Williams and Boyfriend

Everyone is of course so happy for Porsha.

The fact that Kenya is participating and appearing on camera may just be in support of Porsha.

(That said, maybe she'll find a way back onto the show when she has a real storyline again. It's happened for other Housewives)

We hope that the remainder of her pregnancy and of course the delivery will go off without a hitch.

And fans will all get to see it play out for themselves when her special airs.

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