Chris Brown: These Rape Allegations are BULLS--T!!!

Chris Brown: These Rape Allegations are BULLS--T!!!

So just in case you've been able to block out all the awful stories coming out about Chris Brown lately, you should know that last week, he was arrested for rape.

You should also let us know how you managed to block out Chris Brown news, because that sounds like a delightful skill.

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Nicki Minaj: Why Fans Think She Dissed Drake In New 'Hard White' Music Video!

Nicki Minaj Disses Drake In New Music Video!

Nicki Minaj just released a brand new music video and according to her fans, she's definitely TRASHING fellow rapper, Drake.

The video for her Queen track 'Hard White' dropped today on February 1 and naturally, her fans aren't wasting any time to decode and dissect every possible savage moment.

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