Mike Sorrentino: Making Enemies Behind Bars!

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Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino is clearly not a workaholic, so his prison update does not come as a huge surprise.

Rather it just assures us that Mike hasn't lost too much touch with reality and is successfully maintaining his lazy lifestyle from behind bars. 


According to InTouch Weekly, a strangely named blogger Larry Noodles says Mike is a "total slacker."

Larry used to be an inmate at the New York prison where Mike is currently chilling confined. 

"It doesn't sound like he's doing any work," the blogger has heard from other sources. 

Mike and Ronnie

"Because he has money he's able to pay people to do things for him, such as laundry which you can pay someone to do $20-$30 a week, or clean his bunk area."

The Sitch began his 8-month prison sentence for tax fraud on January 15 and it sounds like he's already got the system figured out. 

He seems to have a "pretty comfortable set up going during his stay," says Larry's sources.

A Laid Back Situation

"They treat a wealthy guy differently. Nobody takes care of a short-term guy without money - they want something out of it."

You know, in case they wanna swing by the jail Starbucks for an afternoon tea.

"They're not going to talk to you unless you have the money," the blogger confirmed. 

Da Sitch

"You can help someone and then have friends/relatives put money into someone's commissary deposit." 

However, most inmates appear to be resentful of The Situation's wealth. 

"I know this because they wouldn't be talking about him to the outside," Larry says. 

Mike The Situation Photo

"People who talk about other inmates to outsiders are known as "rats" and you don't really do that unless you don't like someone. It travels back to the prison and you can get yourself in trouble."


So what does the former reality star do to waste his wretched days away behind bars? 

Evidently, he spends it watching TV and working out. 

Mike The Situation Pic

"He had to have made friends to use the gym because every hour is claimed by groups of guys since it's small," shared the blogger. 

Also adding that "the first month is the roughest. Some new guys get into trouble because it's an adjustment phase." 

InTouch reported that the star also hired a fellow inmate to be his personal chef

"Mike has befriended an inmate who happens to be a really good cook," said Federal Prison Consultant Dan Wise.

Michael Sorrentino Pic

"He gives the man cash for commissary, and has him buy food for him almost daily."

Laundry, gym use AND personal meals? 

Doesn't sound like a bad "situation" to me. 

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