Kristen Stewart: Caught in Love Triangle With Sara Dinkin, Stella Maxwell

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It was only a couple of years ago that fans were excited to see Kristen Stewart living with Stella Maxwell.

But late in 2018, those two gorgeous girlfriends broke up after two years of dating.

Now Kristen has a new girlfriend, Sara Dinkin, and a report says that Stella is all kinds of pissed off about it.

Kristen Stewart During Paris Fashion Week

RadarOnline reports that Kristen's new relationship with Sara is not going over well with her gorgeous ex.

"Kristen falls so easily," the insider characterizes. "And she is really into Sara."

"But her model ex (Maxwell) told everyone that Sara is a rebound," the source says.

True or not, it's not a super nice thing to say about someone.

Unfortunately, it sounds like Stella took things a little too far.

Sara Dinkin, Mirror Selfie

(This, if you're having trouble keeping track, is Sara)

"And," the insider reports, Stella "contacted Sara to let her know that Kristen is only using her."

That is ... crossing multiple boundaries.

You don't call your ex's new girl unless you're already friends with them, they're in actual danger, or it's been made clear that it's fine to chat.

As you can imagine, Kristen was not overjoyed by this desperate move.

According to the source, Kristen "flipped out on Stella and told her to leave her and her life alone."

That sounds harsh but, considering the circumstances, fair.

Stella Maxwell

Stella is beautiful and was Kristen's longtime girlfriend, but that is over.

Sara is a stylist who has also worked as an executive producer, and she may be best known as a dog mom and animal advocate.

Less than a week after Kristen and Stella parted ways, Kristen was seen looking cozy with Sara.

"Stella f--ked it up, not Kristen,” the insider says of how their love crumbled.

“Kristen wanted something real with someone low key," the source characterizes.

"And Sara doesn’t care about the spotlight," the insider claims. "She treats Kristen like a normal person, just as she is."

Hi, Kristen Stewart

For years, both bi women and lesbians joked that Kristen Stewart was a litmus test for a woman's sexuality.

The joke went that you could ask a woman whether she thought that KStew was gay, bi, or straight, and the woman's answer would reveal her own orientation.

(This was, and I cannot emphasize this enough, just a joke, despite anecdotal evidence of reliable results)

In 2017, after years of "gal pal" reports, Kristen came out on Saturday Night Live, joking that she is "so gay now."

While "gay" is sometimes used as an umbrella term by the LGBTQ+ community, she later clarified that she is bisexual.

Kristen dated Victoria's Secret model Stella Maxwell from 2016 until the tail end of 2018.

Stella Maxwell Pic

According to RadarOnline, Kristen and Stella both felt the pain of their breakup and had made a pact to not take cheap shots at each other.

Their agreement to not rub it in each other's faces doesn't seem to match up with Kristen's immediate and public outings with Sara Dinkin.

"But Kristen couldn’t help herself," the source explains. "And decided to go public with Sara almost right away."

Some people just fall head over heels immediately.

"Kristen and Sara are already talking about moving in together," the insider shares.

Sara Dinkin

Sara Dinkin is beautiful and kind. The same can be said for Stella Maxwell and Kristen Stewart.

We wish that there were a viable outcome here where everyone involved could come away from the table as a winner.

Unfortunately, relationships like Ezra Miller's polycule aren't for everyone -- or surely KStew would have tried it by now.

Some folks are wired for monogamy and feel intense jealousy. That jealousy can linger even after a breakup.

Kristen falling head over heels so soon after her last breakup doesn't mean that she was cheating.

It just means that she dives into everything headfirst. Some people can't help being in love.

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