Jinger Duggar Ganks Audrey Roloff Catchphrase: What Might It Mean?

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Late last week, Jinger Duggar may have only intended to wish her husband a happy Valentine's Day.

And the veteran reality star most definitely fulfilled this goal.

But she raised quite a few questions in the process as well, thanks to the pair of hashtags Duggar employed to conclude this post.

Jinger Duggar on Wedding Day

Let's start with the sweet Valentime's Day message, though, shall we?

Written as a caption to the wedding photo above of Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo, it reads as follows:

I will never forget those days on a missions trip in El Salvador when I realized I was falling in love with @jeremy_vuolo.

He is everything I asked God for in a husband - he loves Christ supremely, is loving, compassionate, caring, humble and sincere. Every day with you is sweeter than the day before.

I love you, baby! 

What a nice shout-out, right?

The couple got married in November 2016 and Jinger has often professed her love for Jeremy to the world.

Jinger and Family

Obviously, there's no debate over the feelings that exist between Duggar and Vuolo.

But there is now a debate over just what Jinger was thinking with her aforementioned hashtags, which were these:

#3sentencelovestory and #beating50percent.

The former hashtag was made famous by Audrey Roloff last February, as she raved about her own husband, Jeremy, while telling followers on Instagram:

"JOIN US TODAY!!!! Every Valentine's Day we invite you all to post a photo of you and your Valentine and share your love story in 3 sentences in the caption using the hashtag #3sentencelovestory."

To be fair, Audrey did not invent this hashtag.

But we simply must assume Jinger had her fellow TLC star in mind when she used it... because Duggar absolutely stole that second hashtag in her message from Roloff.

Jeremy and Audrey on V-Day

Beating 50 Percent is the name of Audrey's blog and also her online store.

It's the catchphrase Roloff has used for many years in order to praise her marriage to Jeremy as being happy and healthy and NOT part of the 50 percent of American marriages that end in divorce.

Some now say this statistic is actually inaccurate... and some also say Audrey should not using this phrase in general because it's a form of divorce-shaming... and some are now curious why Jinger has stolen it.

Could a feud exist between the reality stars?

Is Jinger trying to butt in on Audrey's domain here?

What a Perfect Pair

Or might it be the opposite?

Could some sort of partnership be in the works between the happily-married wives, both of whom are parents to a young child and both of whom are very religious?

If you recall, Tori Roloff congratulated Jessa Duggar on baby number-three back when the latter announced her pregnancy -- so there is a relationship between these families.

Jinger probably just used this hashtag as a shout-out to Audrey and we're reading a little too much into it.

But it sure would be fun if the women actually hated each other and this was meant as a dig, right?

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