Jenni Farley to Roger Mathews: How Dare You Bully Me?!?

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Jenni Farley has issued an official response to Roger Mathews' response to her accusation of domestic abuse.

Got all that?

Don't worry. We'll do our best to keep readers apprised...

Jenni and Roger

Earlier this week, the woman known as "JWOWW" to many Jersey Shore viewers seriously blasted her estranged husband.

She posted a lengthy message on her official website in which detailed the numerous ways in which Mathews has allegedly abused and mistreated her.

"You have spit at me. You have pushed me. You have shoved me. You have aggressively thrown me to the ground," she wrote in one of the more scathing sections of this letter, adding:

"You have prevented me from closing doors to escape having you come at me. You have belittled and disparaged me. You have threatened me."

Farley even claims that Mathews teamed with an ex-boyfriend to harass and frighten her.

The veteran reality star also claimed Mathews mistreated their young kids, including feeding their two-year-old son pizza, when he is "highly allergic to gluten and dairy, placing him in serious medical jeopardy."

Jenni even said Roger refused to let their autistic son's therapist in their home during a scheduled appointment to provide treatment.

"You hurt the children and you hurt me. When will it end?" the mother of two wrote.

We summarized Farley's many allegations, and posted her full letter, in the gallery above.

In response to these accusations, Mathews recorded a video on Instagram, which you can watch here:

He tries to remain calm and collected in the footage, saying simply:

"We're going to address this in court, which is the proper place to address it.

"We've proven Jenni and her attorneys to be liars in the past and will do it again. I will attach the documents so you can see that. This is just the early stages of this."

As you can see below, Mathews did indeed include a few legal documents along with his abuse denial:

So, this all brings us back to Farley, who filed for divorce from Mathews in September and then filed for a restraining order after the two got into a fight in December.

On Friday, Farley's team released a statement to Entertainment Tonight about her estranged husband.

It reads as follows:

The accusations in the letter produced by Mr. Mathew’s counsel to the court lack merit, foundation and basis. They are laced with false statements and voluminous efforts to further intimidate and bully a young mother: a survivor of domestic abuse.

Moreover, they are a transparent and desperate ploy to deflect away from the hard, cold facts, none of which appear to have been responded to.

Farley's team concluded by saying that Jenni is solely focused on the best interests of her kids...

... and Mathews is not.

Jenni and Roger Throwback

"The bottom line is that when a parent acts to protect the safety and well-being of their children, they are following through with their responsibility," the statement continues.

"It is this responsibility that Jenni Farley is focused on:

"Working tirelessly to support these beautiful children and to set up a positive coparenting plan with their father that works for the benefit of Meilani and Greyson."

This is clearly a very ugly situation all around.

And the saddest part of all is that two young kids are stuck in the middle.

Mathews, meanwhile, responded in general to Farley's allegations -- but didn't say anything about the following video.

It was shared by JWOWW and appears to feature Mathews shoving Farley to the ground. Yikes, right?

Watch here:

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