Jana Duggar: Did She Just Hint That She's In a Secret Courtship?

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Is Jana Duggar in a courtship?

That's the question that's been plaguing Counting On fans for the better part of the past decade.

Jana Duggar on TLC

After all, Jana recently turned 29, but she still lives with her parents and seems to show no interest in starting a family of her own.

Obviously, under most circumstances, there's nothing terribly unusual about any of that.

But Jana is a lifelong resident of Duggar Land, a place where women are repeatedly reminded that they've been placed on this planet for two reasons -- to praise God and to make babies.

Jana Duggar Promo Photo

Jana's never been accused of being negligent with her praying, but procreating seems to hold little interest for her.

Still, Duggar fans persist in scrutinizing every detail of Jana's personal life for indications that she's involved in some sort of secret affair.

Last month, Jana joined Instagram, which may seem like a very minor development in her life, but was regarded by fans as a sure sign that she'd found Mr. Right.

Jana Duggar is Not Impressed

You see, the adult children of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are generally forbidden to join social media until after they've entered an official courtship.

So Jana obsessives were understandably psyched to see that she'd opened an account.

However, younger sister Jessa Duggar was quick to explain that Jana is still single, and that the social family's social media restrictions are merely suggestions, not hard and fast rules.

Jana Duggar on Counting On

But that hasn't stopped Jana's followers from poring over her every post in search of signs that she's courting.

And this week, the photo below further piqued the curiosity of extremely online Jana-philes.

As you can see, it's a photo of Jana's "quiet little nook," where she presumably enjoys such varied activities as reading the Bible, writing about the Bible, and highlighting Bible passages.

Jana's Nook

Fans were quick to zero in on the dried flowers hanging on Jana's wall.

Was she saving them because they carried some sort of sentimental significance?

Don't worry, this is social media in 2019 -- a land where privacy and secrets are not permitted -- so many commenters were quick to ask Jana that very question.

Jana Duggar on Valentine's Day

"Who gave you the flowers you're saving?" wrote one fan.

Jana was quick to reply, "My brother Jason!"

She added a smiley face and heart emoji, presumably to make it clear that the flowers do indeed represent a fond memory.

Jana Duggar in an Interview

That's nice and all, but fans are still rather disappointed by the fact that Jana is not courting Lawson Bates, as had been previously rumored.

Instead, it seems she plans to remain in the nest for the time being, happily sharing a bedroom with her many younger sisters.

Hey, at least Jana's in good company.

She's certainly not the only Millennial who's still living with her parents as the big 3-0 fast approaches.

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